Thursday, October 5, 2006

Where's MY Parade?!?...

     Let me first start out by apologizing for the multi-layered offense I am about to create...I'm just gonna piss somebody off somewhere with this.  And, after much soul searching, I accept my fate.  But as usual, lack of impulse control caused by MS lesions spurs me onward (at least that's my EXCUSE anyway!).  God have mercy on my wretched soul... it is.  I've been watching the BoobTube (you will later note, using this word for "TV" is my first offense) this past week and noting the multiple advertisements for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  October IS breast cancer awareness month after all...if you don't already know this, you're living in the dark ages.

     I have watched several Ford Motor Company advertisements showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I watched Rosie O'Donnell from "The View" give away a Ford vehicle, brightly painted I might add, to a breast cancer survivor...Rosie's mother died from breast cancer.  Everywhere I turn, women are wearing the wonderful pink ribbon in show of support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Heck, there's even been a scarf designed and for sale to promote breast cancer's very pretty also.  I've got Melissa Etheridge's, "I Run For Life" song seared into my brain...she's a survivor also.  Even Sheryl Crow is out there promoting awareness...another famous singer and survivor of breast Ca.  People are asking me to pledge or walk (like THAT could happen right now?!?) in the Breast Cancer/Susan Komen "Race For the Cure" events...frankly my boobs couldn't make a 5K walk right now, let alone my legs.  Everywhere I turn, it's breasts, breasts, breasts.

     I gotta hand it to these folks...the PR departments dealing in Breast Cancer Awareness are REALLY good!  You just can NOT be aware of this horrible disease anymore if you live in the United States.  And my hats off to these organizers and fundraisers as well...WAY TO GO!!!  You've done a remarkable job and, as a woman, I thank you for this...I have breasts...thank you for watching out for them/"the girls".  My grandmother most likely died of breast cancer (it was a very long time ago and she didn't go to doctors), so I keep that in the back of my mind when I think about this month...I also have a few woman friends who have survived breast Ca and one who died from it.  I'VE GOT NO BEEF WITH THE BREAST CANCER PR PEOPLE OR SURVIVORS THEMSELVES.

     I suppose I must admit here, I AM JEALOUS of these people...not the cancer survivors, of course (I wouldn't wish breast cancer on anyone, let alone myself!), but of the marketing and public relations folks who have so skillfully gotten the message out there.  But, as someone who is LIVING WITH Multiple Sclerosis, I can't help but wonder:  WHERE'S MY PARADE????

     I have never seen an advertisement on the BoobTube for MS and I live in The Land Of MS...the great Pacific Northwest.  We've got a pretty progressive chapter of the National MS Society out here (cause we've got one of the highest national populations of MS!) and they DID start a billboard campaign to raise awareness...this is good.  But where's my damn car give away?  Where are the movie star family members of people living with MS and why aren't they out there on TV shows like "The View" giving away crap to raise MS awareness?  Couldn't the MS Society at least get a car maker like KIA to throw in a cheap vehicle or two for MS Awareness??!!??  Or maybe one of those Smart Cars, except I don't know who makes them because they're so energy efficient they AREN'T MADE anywhere in the United States!

     Who's designing MY scarf, pin, or coolio cane to promote MS Awareness?  Where did Terry Garr go?  Or Clay Walker?  And the memory of dearly loved Richard Prior?  Why do we only get one WEEK in March dedicated as MS Awareness time?  Who sets these standards anyway?

     I'm jealous...I said it...I want people out there to know about Multiple Sclerosis and the many MS friends I have that are dealing with THIS disease just like I want them to be aware of the devastation of breast cancer.  I WANT MY PARADE.

     I will alsoadmit, in my petty jealousy, I have had to look at myself and how I promote awareness about Multiple Sclerosis...besides just being an affected gimp myself.  What am I doing to raise awareness?  Where are MY charitable dollars going?  Who am I speaking to about MS and not just my own, personal case of it?  Where has my voice been heard?  Have I been doing enough to shake my fists at MS and promote more research, understanding, and a hopeful cure?

     I really should be thanking the breast cancer awareness public relations people right now...this Octoberfest of breasts has sparked a nerve in my numb butt to get out there and DO MORE to promote awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and NOT just in the month of may be a one person pompom waving event at this point, but I'm thinking of starting MY OWN PARADE...anybody else out there wanna join the march?


pjorpeej said...

First of all I have no idea why you should apologize for your minor rant as everything you've said is 100% true.  <smile>  Secondly, I had no idea we even got a week!  Wonder when someone was going to tell me.  lol


crovira2 said...

I'm working on doing exactly that with and giving us all a channel for talk and tunes (and I can do video and PFD file distribution too. :-)

I've even figured out how to keep ads out of hair while cutting the costs down for the advertisers.

C'mon over and give me a listen.

I don't begrudge these people and wish them all the luck in the world in stopping breast cancer.

With only 0.0833% of the general population, which still makes up over 300,000 people in North America but spread out all over North America, its going to be a whole lot of small parades. Or we can unite for our own good.

mdmhvonpa said...

Well Linda, it's like this.  MS is all in your head and most men dont care about what is in a woman's head.  Breast Cancer is in the boobs and ... well ... there is something about men and boobs.  Hell, if all those porno's Ive watched are true, women like jugs even more than men!!!  Sorry, it's just the way it is.  Now if we could prove that MS comes from the jubblies, we would be in like flynn!

hagartyjj said...

I completely agree!  I actually asked the checkout lady at Safeway the other day if they ever considered selling stuff to raise awareness for MS and how to go about doing that.  The last few months I have been asked to donate a dollar towards this charity or that charity at the supermarket and it is never for MS.  Washington has one of the higher rates of incidence in this country and the only fundraiser project we have is the walk.  

It is funny that you wrote about this today.  I was just contacted the other day by the MSAA and they asked me to talk about a fundraising CD and event they have going on to raise awareness for MS.  I mentioned to Malcom that I find it sad that there is not more being done in our area and in general.  There is just as many people who are diagnosed with MS as suffer from poverty, yet look at all the people who came together to raise millions for Live 8.  Where is our live 8.  The reality is that most people will at some time in their life come in contact with this illness whether it is through themself, a friend, family member, friend of a friend, etc.  So, why is it that most people still have no clue what MS is?  

I am with you girl!  We should get together and get the NMSS to get a move on!  I have worked with some of the girls in the Seattle office and I know they have some great ideas...we need to get some more ideas, bigger ideas and make them happen!    

billibotton said...

Hey, ain't there a rubber-band thingy that signifies one's support of MS AWARENESS that you can wear on your wrist, like the yellow band that Lance Armstrong had for cancer and etc., etc??

I'd wear one for MS.

I'd walk, run, ride my bike, take pictures, etc/

Matter of fact, I'm going to find out R.T.H.N. (right the heck now) and get one of them rubber-band thingys. I can always fling it at people who just don't want to know about things outside of 'their world'...

"Hey! Wageup! There's people sufferin' out there!" <<FLING...>>>

Good post, and BOL.

baitulos said...

PEEJ:  Ahh...PJ, honey...I think I DID tell you about the Marchfest for MS.  Must be your LESION-esk brain deleting the information! LOL  And you're probably right...even if we DID get an entire month dedicated to MS Awareness, most of us would probably FORGET it anyway...LMAO!!!


baitulos said...

CROVIRA2:  Hello and it's great to meet you!  I will definitely swing by your podcast site and give a listen...small parades, huh?  I suppose if we joined them all together though, it would be one hellofa sight!  Good luck with your venture...heading over now to see what you're doing.


baitulos said...

MDMHVONPA:  You sick, twisted man!  I am going to have to invest in adult diapers if you keep up these pants wetting comments! LMAO  OMG, I'm still howling!!!  (Oh yeah, and the "sick twisted" part are your endearing features...a sick, twisted compliment if you will).


baitulos said...

HAGARTYJJ/Jamie:  Heck yes!  I'm considering making T-shirts at the moment with my BRAINCHEESE logo-thingy-picture and captioning it with:  Raising MS Awareness One Lesion At A Time.  Think anyone would get the irony??  Yeah, probably not...


baitulos said...

BILLIBOTTON:  I'm wearing one of those red rubber bandy thingies right now as a matter of fact!  I know people assume I wear it to promote MS Awareness and the National MS Society...unfortunately, it's the only way I can tell my left hand from my right!!!  But don't tell anyone my secret...then EVERYONE with directional impairment will want one!


mdmhvonpa said...

Hey, any of you commenters out there have blogs too?

sonyasuzanne said...

Personally, I guess I got in on this parade a little late, but as they say, better late-n-never.  

The problem for me is my boobs can be seen, my MS can't.  I hate when I get that usual "Oh look sooooo dayum good today!!!'  Well, thanks, but come on over to my house and see how good it isn't lookin'.  And see my freezer filled with TV dinners cuz I'm too tired to cook.  I lost a dear friend to breast cancer.  I can relate to both illnesses.  Maybe they (who are they anyway?) can just make one month for all of us...the erectile people, MS people, Breast Cancer people, Parkinson's, etc. etc.  Or maybe thats not a good idea.  But like you, I'm wondering where our parade is too!

My neice is 'forcing' her 7th grade class to do a garage sale fund raiser for MS.  Can you believe that?  They had to vote on what disease they wanted to help and my neice told them MS gets nadda.  I'm proud of her!!

Hey, it's a start, no?  

Love and parades to you my friend!

baitulos said...

SUZY:  I just marvel at the Breast Cancer Awareness folks...granted, breast Ca is far more common than MS and also can kill you.  I feel sometimes though that MS is treated like mental's only talked about in "hush" tones and in politically correct language.  I think it's time we MSers start cutting loose...get the word out there in ANY language and form we can...make some waves...have a "dayum" parade!
Can your niece ask for donations outside of the garage sale?  I'd send a few bucks her way just to make a point and so the "chillins" learn about MS...