Thursday, October 26, 2006

PEEJ Weighs In On The MS Thingy...

     Well, I've never been to Boston, but the skyline in the picture sure looks "purdy"!  My friend, PEEJ, will just have to attest to the beauty of BeanTown for me.  She's the next featured MSer on BRAINCHEESE today...and thanks for humoring me with a response, PJ...I know it may have pained you!!!

1.  How old were you, where were you, what time of year was it, and what
were you wearing when you "received" the lovely diagnosis of Multiple

Like about half the people with MS I've met over the years I was at a ripe old age (49) by the time I was finally diagnosed.   The date was August 26, 2001.  What surprised everyone the most wasn't really that I had MS (I'd shown symptoms for 30 years)  but that the doctors in McAllen, Texas had found it while all the drs "up north" I'd been to over the years had missed it... My Texas neurologist admitted it had just been luck on his part though.  ;)

2.  Who was the first person you told about your MS and what was their

I told my husband who's first words were "Oh that's such Bull $hit!"  It took several years for him to finally accept the diagnosis...

3.  What's your greatest fear and/or secret about your MS and what HASN'T
come true or manifested from your MS that you thought would happen or affect

My greatest fear was that, like so many who get the news, my husband would decide that it was *my* problem and walk out of the relationship.  Deep down I knew he wouldn't and that the fear was irrational but it was there nonetheless...

4.  What's your worst symptom(s) or the nagging thing about your MS that
just won't leave you alone?

Worst symptom?  That would have to be the pain.  Waking up every day feeling like you've been worked over with a baseball bat by a guy named Vinnie doesn't fill you with enthusiasm and energy for the day.  :)  I would have to say that running neck and neck with pain would be cognitive problems.  Especially when I'm overly stressed or overheated.  I lose the ability to communicate over the level of a 5 year old.  It's scary as hell when it happens...

5.  Who/What supports you/comforts you in your life and where do you go to
find it/them/calm/etc.?

Don't laugh.... my dogs calm me.   They expect so little and accept me unconditionally.  They're always there with a wagging tail and lots of "kisses".   And then you have the clown factor  :)

6.  And last, but not least, what do you still have on your agenda to
achieve/finish/reach/summit/climb/accomplish before retiring to that great,
golden Club Med in the sky?

I'd love to finish getting my degree in computer aided drafting.  I started it about 6 months before my diagnosis and was doing really well for awhile but the cognitive BS started getting in the way.  I'd also love to do more travelling.  There are so many wonderful places I haven't seen yet.  All I need now is $ and a passport, huh?  :)

Last but not least, I want to be here for my family.  They're the most important part of my life.

     Now there's something to learn from!  Thanks again for responding, are a good sport and friend! 

**Noting applause**


mdmhvonpa said...

Odd that a Southern Doc found MS where there should be fewer cases as opposed to a Northern one where the cold climate seems to indicate a higher rate of occurrence.

pjorpeej said...

Yes, it was odd but he knew something neurological was wrong (I'd broken my ankle and had begun having horrendous muscle spasms in that foot) so he wanted an MRI done as part of the testing.  He had mentioned MS as a possibility and as I had no insurance at the time, I went online and began my research.  What I read about MS finally made sense of about 30 years of on again, off again symptoms.

Finally I got my diagnostic MRI through the MSAA and the results were clear...

mdmhvonpa said...

Now PJ, why the heck don't you have a blog!?

pjorpeej said...

Me??  A blog?  LOL!

I had no idea what blogs were until I was told about this one...  Besides, I'd have nothing to say that anyone would be interested in hearing.