Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Season Of Meditation And Prayer...

     Every fall, I have traditionally honored the coming of the holiday seasons and New Year with a day of fasting and meditation/prayer.  Because of my "untraditional" work schedule, I have had to plan my personal, spiritual retreat not based on the Roman calendar, but instead based on my inner needs/ability.  There is typically never a Thanksgiving Day, a Christmas Day, or a New Year's Day that I can claim just for myself and that's OK...I believe the "celebration" exists within each of us in our own time and space and not because a calendar or a clock tells us so.

     The one thing that holds universally true in all the major religions and spiritual movements is the fact this time of SEASON is held sacred...whether one chooses to celebrate Ramadan, Hanukkah, Christmas, Hallowmas, or The Chinese New Year...it is the SEASON that brings us together.

     Monday night, I began a fast one hour after sunset.  I will hold this fast 24 hours, filling my belly with meditation, prayer, music, and care-taking of my soul when I become hungry.  I will be remembering each of you as I know you and envision each of you as you wholly are.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

     I will most likely return sometime on Wednesday or Thursday to BrainCheese.  Until then, I add yet another video to this blog/journal and hope you enjoy it.  For whatever reason, AOL would not let me embed the video player in the journal this time...you will have to click on the link and go to Uncut Videos to view...sorry for the inconvenience:




mdmhvonpa said...

Happy Fasting ... hope you come out the other end a bigger (well, certainly not size-wise, but you know what I mean) person.

sonyasuzanne said...

I think it's a sweet thing that you are doing, and if by any chance you think of me just for a minute of this entire time, well I will consider myself blessed.  

I wish I could do something like you are, but if it got too quiet around here I'd fall asleep!

Wishing you inner peace and tranquilty!

Suzy, in BEARly made it Chicago Bear Land

baitulos said...

MDMHVONPA:  Or "Mondovapova"...thank you for the well-wishes.  Pausingfasting  for a brief moment makes me quite appreciative of everything around me...and not just food!


baitulos said...

SUZY:  Consider yourself blessed then because I have spent some time thinking about you and all the other commentors/bloggers I know with MS (and even a few of the folks who read CHEESE and don't have MS).  You might be surprised what you are capable of when you are clear about your intent...fasting is not a "pleasant" experience in the end, but a wonderful tool to focus the mind and body into something besides the everyday toils.  

Now pass me a steak because my fast is over! LOL


hagartyjj said...

I think it is wonderful that you have done this.  We all should follow in your example and find something that brings some peace to us.  It is wonderful to take a day and focus on others, focus on where we are in life, and re-focus our priorities.  The world is a big place and I am glad that I have met you through this blog.  Take care.

baitulos said...

JAIME:  Thank you...and I am glad to have met you as well!  I DO hope your chemo treatment (s) are smoothing out a bit for you.  BTW, I read your blog (can't remember if I left a comment though...CRS...Can't Remember S..tuff) and am happy you have found somewhere to promote the CD locally...I very much appreciate folks like you who lend time to the "cause" even when you don't feel well.