Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maybe It Was Me...

     Was it just my perception, or did EVERYONE seem unusually "nice" today?  I'm worried it was just me...

     Before I went in for my third TYSABRI infusion, I had several errands to run.  Mainly, I had to find some cookies for the office staff of Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named!  This has become an "infusion tradition" now...they poke and prod me, take my money, and I bring's the American way.

     So, in the spirit of "health", I went to the local Whole Paycheck/Whole Fools store and snagged some most excellent, low fat, low sugar, but still tasty cookies.  I generally despise going into the Yuppie Nut Bar full of post colonic weirdos paying outrages prices for lettuce, but today's visit was tolerable.  No one tried to blindly run over me with their cart, cut in front of me or stand in front of me with oblivion to my view, or stare at me knowing that I simply don't "belong" in a health food store.  The cashier was actually pleasant even...I don't know why this didn't worry me.

     Then off to the mall I went to get a few birthday cards and pick up some "Cat Butt Gum" for a friend of seems the mall has the only store that carries this bubblicious treat...I don't understand this at WHAT if the label might be offensive to small children and animal rights activists?  It's a must have item and I think more stores should carry it.

     In the card store, I of course bought way too many cards and nearly had to call my Hallmark sponsor to drag me from my addictive state...I just love a funny card.  Mix funny and slightly offensive, and I'm hooked...Hallmark has actually strayed from the niceties of their "Care enough to send the very best" ways...they're starting to display some questionably appropriate greetings...if they only carried Cat Butt Gum, I'd never leave.

     From the mall, it was back home to "freshen up" before my ride to my infusion...don't worry...freshening up merely means I checked my teeth for any lunch greens still stuck between my incisors.  I did a quick survey of the inner bowels of my home to make sure the Princess Of Darkness had not dismantled the electrical panel and was now sending signals of solidarity to Kim Jong Il to request plans for nuclear testing...she was pretending to sleep on the couch...she's so deceptively sweet when faking a doze.

     My neighbor and friend arrived as scheduled to transport me to the office of Dr. SWWNBN...she even dropped me off at the front door so I did not have to walk more than 20 steps in the rain.  Other than pulling up on the side walk to let me out (which I will have to consider next time...NO steps in the rain!), I could not have had a finer escort.

     The office staff, although bombarded with patient infusions, seemed genuinely glad to see me...that is, me and the cookie treats.  They smiled and laughed at all the right times as if all the world were my stage...I felt as if I were briefly channeling the MS spirit of Richard Pryor...that is, a very pasty white Pryor.

     The infusion nurse hit my vein on the first stick...not necessarily a difficult thing to do as I have hoses for veins, but a wonderful "relief" thing to do...I really don't like pain all that much.  She had a new, stylish haircut, which made her look 10 years younger, and she seemed quite flattered that I had noticed her change...always a good idea to keep the infusion nurse on one's good side.

     Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named was her usual bantering self...the very reason I enjoy her care...but even SHE seemed seriously concerned about my health and my reaction to the TYSABRI.  This felt somewhat "odd" and unusual, but not unpleasant necessarily.  I DID tell her I did not want anymore of her snake oil treatments for medication side effects and would prefer to just ride 'er out as long as I can...she didn't even give me any guff or guffaw in the direction of my noncompliance...this REALLY should have concerned me.

     The only downside of my day was finding out the lab (one I like to call Dynacrap) STILL had not returned any results from my CBC or neutralizing antibody tests...I think they may have assumed "we've" forgotten about it, but "we" didn't.  Dr. SWWNBN got on the horn and called the bumbling "igits"...they led her to believe the results would appear magically in a few days.  I suffer from a lack of faith, so I doubt this is true...whatever.

     Unless the Good Witch, Glenda was cruising around with me all day today, I have no explanation for the ease at "which" the day progressed.  I only hope she'll wave her magic wand at me tomorrow when I awaken and I will have little or no side effects from the TYSABRI...miracles DO happen, ya know?!?

     Must go polish my ruby red slippers now, go to bed,  and practice my chant, "There's no place like home"...Oh yeah, and please ignore the man behind the's just ol' MDMHVONPA!!!!....


mdmhvonpa said...

"they poke and prod me, take my money, and I bring treats"

Sounds vaguely illegal.

I did a quick survey of the inner bowels ... electrical panel ... deceptively sweet

Now I KNOW it is ... I'm telling the vice squad on you!

And yes, I'm behind the curtain ... no, the other .. no ... wait ... sigh ... nevermind.

baitulos said...

MONDOVAPAPA:  Hehe hehe...and you MISSED the "ride 'er out" part.  Dammit're on to me!


crovira2 said...

Everybody was merely reacting to your sunny disposition. What else could they do on such a rainy day. (I know <i>Don't ask</i>)

I'm glad it went well.

By the way, you might want to wander over to Miss Chris' site ( ) and leave her a message of encouragement.

Seems her husband is ailing.

baitulos said...

CROVIRA2:  Well, Shite...My Sunni disposition???  ba da ba (cymbal crash)

                 Will do on wandering over to see Miss Chris also...