Monday, October 30, 2006

I Wouldn't Mess With Her!...

     When it comes right down to it, there aren't a LOT of people I WOULD choose to mess with...but especially not Miss Chris, today's guest blogger on BRAINCHEESE!

     I only recently started reading Miss Chris' blog over at ...otherwise known as "One Crazy Chick"...but I will admit, her practice of martial arts, AKA Karate, leaves me in awe!  She doesn't stop there, however.  This Arizonian (not to be confused with Amazonian) has a young daughter who is ALSO quite skilled at Karate...if you get the chance, check out her blog at the above link and see what she's up to this week.

     Miss Chris is the final submission to that previously posted entry here at "Cheese", which I simply cannot bring myself to reference again!  She has also humored me with poignant responses to those questions:

1. How old were you, where you were, what time of year was it and what were you wearing when you received the "lovely diagnosis" of Multiple Sclerosis?
I was 36 years old when I was diagnosed at it was a complete surprise. It was never something that crossed my mind. Even when I felt "weird". I was standing in the kitchen of my brand new house we just had built and was getting breakfast for my daughter, who was 5 at the time. It was the first or second week of June and I was still in my jammies when the phone rang with the news.
2. Who was the first person you told about your MS and what was their reaction?
My husband was there with me when I was diagnosed so it would be my mother that I told first. It was a very difficult phone call to make. She was devastated.
3. What's your greatest fear and/or secret about your MS and what hasn't come true or manifested from your MS that you thought would happen or affect you?
My greatestsecret about my MS is that some people in my family don't know I have it and I don't want them to know because I fear it may be used against me. I wish I could be more detailed but, I can't. What hasn't come true is being treated differently by my friends. They treat me the same as they always did.
4. What's your worst symptom or the nagging thing about your MS that just won't leave you alone?
My worst symptom is lack of energy. I can deal with the pain and other stuff but if I don't have energy, I feel worse. In the beginning I would've said Trigeminal Neuralgia was the worst but I've only had it a few times, thank God. It's the worst pain I ever felt.
5. Who/what supports you/comforts you in your life and where do you go to find it/them/calm etc.?
My husband supports me now although this was a big challenge in the beginning. It still is a challenge sometimes but, he tries. I just don't think it's in his personality to be nurturing. Too bad for me. My mom and dad are taking up the slack in that area though so I know they are always there for me and they "get it".
6.And, last but not least, what do you still have on your agenda to achieve/finish/reach/summit/climb/accomplish before retiring to that great golden Club Med in the sky? What are you wearing right now as you read this?
I just want to be healthy enough to be there in mind AND body as my daughter reaches adulthood and has kids of her own.  I think raising kids is the biggest challenge there is but, when you have a girl as great as mine, it seems easily attainable.
By the way...I'm wearing jeans and a short sleeve shirt (it's still warm here in the desert), and the undies I'm wearing are about a size too small!
Miss Chris
     If there are still a few willing souls out there wanting to respond to those annoying questions, but just haven't gotten "roundtoit", git 'er done because I'd still love to hear from you and feature your response.  Otherwise, you will be forced to return to reading whatever I can pull from my "Cornucopia of Crap" in my head...and it just may not be pretty, folks!  So send your responses to ...I'm waiting...LOL

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sonyasuzanne said...

Miss Chris,

I knew your daughter was a Karate pro, but haven't read you long enough to know that you are too?  Awesome!

I was thinking of getting Little Luv into Karate.  It would probably help with his balance and coordination, wouldn't it?

Nice getting to know you better!