Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Move Along, Move Along...There's Nothing To See Here...

     Other than some serious sloth-like fatigue, I have little to report today.  I DID make it in to Dr. SWWNBN's office yesterday for my lab draw to check my blood counts and to check for TYSABRI neutralizing antibodies...I DID make it in to work yesterday also.  Other than that, there's little to say and hardly any drama at all in my life right now...thank you, JESUS!

     "Whatever" has been wrong with me internally/systemically seems to be lessening slowly...I don't feel the same intensity of symptoms I had on Monday, which I am thankful for (again, tipping my hat to a Higher Power!).  My "mood" has been circling the sides of my mental toilet for a few days now, but I assume that may be underlying anxiety about the TYSABRI issue...that, and being female and 42!

     I got to work yesterday with one of my top five, all time favorite coworkers (yes, those of you who read this are on the top five list also...unless there's more than five of you?!?), so that was a much needed blessing.  We laughed and joked our way through the late afternoon and evening and, I must the end of my work day, I DID feel better than when I had arrived (giving a"high five" to that Higher Power again).

     The Princess of Darkness greeted me late last night with the energy of a nuclear plant...she bounced off the walls (literally) for over an hour, chasing my legs, and wreaking havoc in my home...she has yet to figure out how to turn the stove on OR throw the main switch for the electricity.  I don't know what I may find when I come home if she discovers how to do these tricks..."things" were scattered everywhere, items knocked off Tiny Tornado had a very productive day while home alone.

     I have an appointment this morning, then return to work for another 9 1/2 hours of sheer's never a dull day at my job fantasizing about what fresh hell may await me!  At least I work with wonderful coworkers to help keep my chin up and my spirits spite of my mood, which seems to be gaining speed circling the drain.  LOL

     I rather hope I continue to have little to report again tomorrow...that would be nice, eh?


mdmhvonpa said...

Given what you have revealed about your cat, may I recommend that the Christmas tree this year have only wooden and plastic decorations ... and no electric lights.  Ever see American Lampoon: Christmas Vacation?

baitulos said...

MDMHVONPA:  Yes, I have seen Christmas Vacation..."And the rockets red glare"...unfortunately, in my PWT family (poor white trash) I have even LIVED portions of that movie!! lOL