Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Sick Of Talking About Me...Let's Talk About...

     Let's face it.  I lead a pretty mundane and boring life and there's just so much "color" that can be wrung from it!  And some days and weeks, like this one approaching, I have to force myself to focus on something else besides "MOI" (even in spelling, I remain "colorful").

     I will be heading into a three-day workshop/training at the crack of dawn (she's shown up again in my life...Dawn, that is) tomorrow morning and I anticipate I will not be fit for human consumption by late tomorrow evening (yes, I'll STILL add the SQUIGGY report here!).  So, I thought I would propose an idea to the "Board" here at BRAINCHEESE and see if it flies...oh, and that "Board"?...that would be YOU, loyal readers!

     Here's what I'm thinking...I'D LIKE YOU TO WRITE BRAINCHEESE FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!  All those opposed, say "Nay"..............Well, all I heard was silence, so I believe the proposition has passed the Board!!!

     So, here's my elaborate scheme...I mean PLAN.  Since this forum is supposed to be about Multiple Sclerosis, I guess we'll have to stick loosely to that scheme, I mean theme!  I'd like YOU to send me an email of your best prose (and my previous entries can be your guide...spelling, punctuation, grammar, and obviously even content are optional!) addressing the following questions.  I will post your responses on BRAINCHEESE and if you'd like to remain brilliantly and humbly "Anon.", I will not identify your tormented soul.  And for those of you NOT diagnosed with MS, but who know somebody who knows somebody who's mother's sister's nephew DOES HAVE MS, please ad lib and twist the questions around to meet your needs...I DO want to hear from you as well!

1.  How old were you, where were you, what time of year was it, and what were you wearing when you "received" the lovely diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis? (Friends of MS--twist it for when you were told about your person's MS...don't forget to tell us what you were wearing, though.)

2.  Who was the first person you told about your MS and what was their reaction?  (Friends of MS--whadaya think, what went through your mind when you were told?)

3.  What's your greatest fear and/or secret about your MS and what HASN'T come true or manifested from your MS that you thought would happen or affect you?  (Friends of MS--take liberty with your prose  here...you can change the NAME of your MSer and spill the beans on THEIR crap!  If you change the name and call it a "seminar" in my profession, you're not breaking any confidentiality rules!)

4.  What's your worst symptom(s) or the nagging thing about your MS that just won't leave you alone?  (Friends of MS--you are given license here to use the words, "gimp", "weeble", "drunken sailor", "blind as a bat", "crazy as a mad hatter", and any other word(s) considered politically incorrect by the disabled or the MS World.)

5.  Who/What supports you/comforts you in your life and where do you go to find it/them/calm/etc.?  (Friends of MS--probably YOU'RE going to be talked about here...take a bow, and then answer the question anyway!)

6.  And last, but not least, what do you still have on your agenda to achieve/finish/reach/summit/climb/accomplish before retiring to that great, golden Club Med in the sky?  (Friends of MS--I assume YOU have goals, too...what are they?  Do any of these goals relate to your MSer?  What are you wearing right now as you read this?  Throw us gimps a bone here and humor us!!  Ad lib it up!)

     First one of you to respond at BrainCheeseMS@aol.com wins a prize! (OK, not really, but THAT sounded like good incentive fun, didn't it???)

     I'll try to keep you updated during my grueling week, which doesn't end until next Wednesday...I'm sure there will be "stories" to tell about my manhandling of the boys/males at my Management Of Aggressive Behavior training...they're always shocked when the middle-aged, fat lady with MS knocks 'em to the floor!...  


mdmhvonpa said...

Go get 'em!

baitulos said...

MDMHVONPA:  Don't be acting like all that!  Where's YOUR email, Mister?!?  The "world" (according to Garp probably) is waiting to hear about YOU!


sonyasuzanne said...

Ughhh....how did I miss out on this and the prize to be had?  Geesh...I so wanted ANOTHER prize from Seattle!!!!!

Ahhh...onward to answer your questions and by email at that....I'll settle for less that first or second prize....what else ya got to offer?  =)

MOI....in rainy, cold, dreary Chicago