Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Exhausting Doing Nothing...

     Whew!  I never really got it how exhausting being on vacation can be until today...AND, I have done absolutely nothing.  I'm so exhausted I may have to go to bed early.

     My day started out with the usual alarm clock...the one I don't set and really wish I could dismantle.  I'm talking about the frantic "meows" of The Princess Of Darkness outside my bedroom door...since SHE rules here, she decides when it's time for her servant to get up and get moving!  Fortunately (and for secretive unknown reason), she let me sleep in a bit today.

     I did my usual morning rituals of bathroom, stumble, feed The Princess cat, stumble over cat, forage for food in fridge, bark commands at cat that fall on deaf ears, check my email while trying to block cat's view of passwords, read daily blogs--laugh heartily at the various insights and humor of my online friends, change out of bed clothes and check for "bed head" hair, take handful of pills and supplements in hopes of living a long and productive life, and finally, pull cat off shower curtain where she dangles precariously while I'm at the mirror.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

     I checked my calendar--nothing scheduled.  No doctor's appointment, no lunch dates, no anything.  I had the day all to myself to do absolutely nothing and that's exactly what I did.

     I DID go for a walk today though...I guess that's "something".  Oh yeah...and I DID go to both the hardware store and the grocery store...two more "somethings". that I think of it, I DID do laundry and clean up the kitchen, too.  OK, I did a LITTLE more than nothing, but not much!  I even caught a few minutes of Judge Judy, but just couldn't stomach watching Oprah today.  And I only watched Judge Judy briefly because I like to hear her yell at reminds me of nursing school days I think (only a nurse or someone in the military will get THAT one!).

     I'm rather hoping tomorrow unfolds much like today...I could get used to this vacation thing...I'm sure I WILL get used to it.  Probably right before I have to go back to work...

(By the way...that is neither my house NOR my cat in the photo.  I didn't want y'all to think I was stuck in the 70's with that couch!)


sonyasuzanne said...

That last comment was too thinkin' you're still livin in the 70's!!  (that thought slowly left my mind when I thought the picture didn't look like Meha!)

I thought of Meha I wierd or what?  I'm sending her a surprise one of these days so that maybe she'll leave you alone for a bit....not likely though, eh?
It will probably be a month or so until I get the thing boxed up....ughh, I'm so slow like that.

Moi, In Bear Free Weekend, Chicago

baitulos said...

SUZY:  You know how the Internet is!  Everything is surreal and virtual reality...figured people might worry about my decor!

Meha will be thrilled with anything you send her, I'm sure...although I think she prefers plutonium and overseas calling cards actually...


harkoo said...

Thank god    My first subliminal response to the picture of  your living room was one of great sadness for Linda--it was the thin, pointed sticks holding up your nauseating mustard-colored sofa that broke my heart--had pictured your tastes to be different for some reason      Enjoy doing nothing

baitulos said...

HARKOO/JOYCE:  I just KNEW someone would be calling the Fashion and Decorating Police if I didn't explain THAT one!  But unfortunately you are wrong about one thing...the idea I HAVE any taste to begin with!!!