Monday, July 31, 2006

Taking a Blog Sabatical...briefly.

     I'm heading out on a brief adventure in a few hours to visit the lavender fields of Sequim, WA.  It's beautiful country and a fabulous journey to get there.  Here's a link to where I'll be going:

     I missed the actual Lavender Festival a few weeks ago, but the fields will still be gorgeous.  I'll take the camera for a few hopeful photos to post here when I return.  Gotta run...well, actually hurry up...running would be a true feat!

     Be back Wednesday!


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hagartyjj said...

I remember when I was younger going to the Seattle area to see the fields of flowers!  It seems to me that there were some lavender fields but also there were fields of memory may be a bit off as it was many years ago, but I remember it being SO pretty!  

I know you won't read this till you get I hope you had a GREAT trip and got some relaxation along the way.