Monday, July 3, 2006

Something To Celebrate...

     Whew!  What a weekend...I managed to wack back the growing weeds/grass on the ponderosa on Saturday.  It only took most of the day to complete.  Then today, I spent a large portion of the day dealing with Home Depot regarding some expensive storm doors, hauling them home in a borrowed vehicle, and ending with an evening of grocery shopping for the 4th of July bash to be held in my backyard.  I'm so exhausted, I'm looking forward to going BACK to work tomorrow just to escape my home duties!  LOL

     There is one great thing to celebrate after my exhausting weekend, however, and that is the fact I was ABLE to exhaust myself for the first time in 4 months.  I have realized, following what I call my recent "near death experience" of steroid therapy, I am actually feeling pretty good.  As a matter of fact, I don't recall when the last time was I FELT THIS GOOD.  I am finally pain free in my upper extremities (except for one, tiny spot on the back of my left me...I can deal with that!) and back to my baseline disability of fatigue, weakness, etc.  I have to admit, perhaps my neurologist was correct in nearly killing me with Solumedrol three weeks ago!

     It's sometimes amazing how quickly I can forget what "normal" feels like (that is, normal for someone with MS) and how quickly I can forget what my pain or discomfort felt like during relapse.  I suppose that is some sort of protective mechanism of the brain...if we could readily recall our pain/discomfort, it might interfere with our ability to overcome it.

     Whatever the reason for my "forgetting" how badly I felt just three weeks ago, I'm thankful to be past it now.  I feel like I finally have something to celebrate this week on a personal return of stable health.  I am so thankful I COULD exhaust myself with manual labor this weekend, that the pains I feel now are from hard work and not my brain misfiring, and I still have the ability to know the difference.  This kind of fatigue feels celebratory!!!

     Who knows, perhaps I will even find the energy to take Old Faithful (the desktop PC) into the shop this week and get her fired up for service again...since I don't have any plans to run a marathon or anything...

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