Friday, July 7, 2006

Hive Got To Bee Me...

     OK...the beekeeper role IS getting old.  I've removed 12 so far today from my kitchen and dining room.  I suppose I am at least getting some exercise running up and down the stairs to the door!

     Some of my friends think I'm crazy (like that's a new discovery) because I refuse to call an exterminator.  Several have offered all kinds of advice on how to rid my home of these flying wonders...some have suggested rather violent means while my friend, T, claims to be a "bee whisperer".  T does tell me she can really only handle one or two bees at a time.  And since I have an infestation/swarm going on, I'm not sure her services will suffice!


     Since I sat down to write this blog, I've now removed 4 more bees!  I'm at 16 count, which is a daily record.  My only hope is they will eventually all hatch from the hive in the wall and go on their merry ways...with my assistance in "catch and release" (ing) them outside, that is.

     It's funny how bizarre events like this occur in my life...I have a wall full of bumble bees.  That's just not something you hear about every day.  I know there is a lesson to be learned here, I'm just not exactly sure what it IS right now!  Perhaps it is a lesson of patience or maybe it is a reminder all life is sacred. 

     But as usual, I want to rush through the lesson to the "learned" part and get these bees out of my home!  As usual, I don't think it's really going to be that quick and easy...


harkoo said...

PETA be damned!   It is time to call the exterminator!!!!   lol

sonyasuzanne said...

Oh my gosh....I didn't realize the bee's community in your home had grown to such proportions!!  

Yup....I'd say PETA be damned!!  Looks like I need to get my butt outta bed and keep up with reading my fave blog or I'll be missing out!

I came here just now, and smiled.  Thanks for that!   =o)