Saturday, July 15, 2006

It Takes A Village To Raise...A Ceiling Fan!

     OK...It's a long story, but I'll see if I can shorten it!  Three weeks ago (when I was still feeling steroidally good), I decided I would install a ceiling fan in my living room.  I've done this dirty deed before about a half dozen times for friends and family, so I thought nothing of it...I was only worried if my arms and legs would hold out for the task, but otherwise I felt just cocky enough to "get 'er done"!  And it WAS hotter than hell in Seattle then, too.

     I took down the light fixture, only to discover there was not an appropriately attached electrical box in the ceiling.  It was near 90 degrees at the top of my ceiling, so I sweat heavily, swore heavily, and finally abandoned the task, deciding to eventually call an electrician to assist.

     At the 4th of July Bash party at my house, one of my coworkers got the bright idea HE could install the box with some fancy pants gadget he saw at a hardware store.  I decided to give him a try to "get 'er done".  Oddly, this "coworker" also serves as one of three supervisors at my place of employment, so I was somewhat hesitant to have him at my house alone...I'm just that way...always cautious of the many boundaries and lines I draw in the sand.  Heck, until my party, he thought I lived at the address my work has for mailing's a post office mailbox downtown!  Call me paranoid (or anything else derogatory!)...

     So, to avoid a strangely awkward situation at my home, I made Saint EB show her face around the time we were going to put the box in the ceiling and "get 'er done" today.  She arrived her cheery self, carrying breakfast treats and good tidings...I made's just what one does in Seattle.

     My other neighbor and coworker shuffled over as well, smelling coffee and pastries, and my quasi-boss man arrived to attempt to install the electrical box.  Two hours later, I had a brand new, shiny electrical box securely fastened in my ceiling and ready for a ceiling fan!

     My quasi-boss man was exhausted from the labor of it all...the three of us "ladies" who watched and made important comments while he perspired we also worn out.  So we decided it was time for another necessary break and we went to lunch.  Quasi-boss man had other personal tasks to tend to in the afternoon, so Saint EB and I returned to my home determined to "get 'er done" and hang the darned fan.

     As you can see by the picture, we DID succeed!  I, of course, invented a few new swear words in the process and Saint EB had to say a few "hail Mary's" for my soul's redemption.  But...WE GOT 'ER DONE!!!

     I'm sitting now in my living room under the blades of my twirling fan...the temperature in my home has dropped significantly and I may have to put a blanket on me just to stay comfortable! LOL 

     I'm actually tired in a "good way" from the efforts of today and so thankful to have such gracious helping hands and hearts in my friends.  It's funny how MS has helped me "open up" a bit...I have allowed people to help me more and to BE more present in my life with me.  Who knows...maybe one day I'll even have a published phone number AND an address instead of everyone referring to my secret address as THE BAT CAVE...I rather enjoy the privacy and intrigue however, so I don't expect this will happen soon!


It is with mixed emotion I let you know I had NO bumble bees in my house today...I rather miss the little dare devils...I thought you all should know.

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