Friday, July 14, 2006

Some Days, There Just Aren't Any Words...

     I think I've officially gone "brain dead"...flat lined activity upstairs...the horse has left the gate without the jockey...nobody home.  If I ruled the world today, I'd decree the day to be a holiday called "Stay Home And Drool Day"...alas, I barely rule my own household, let alone the world!

     TGIF is such a catchy group of consonants these days (Thank God It's Friday, for those of you still in the dark ages of "cool"), but somewhat meaningless for those of us who feel brain dead and/or do not work the typical 5 day week.  It IS true...this week my Friday really DOES fall on Friday and I don't have to report back for duty until Monday.  But Saturday and Sunday will be no holidays either...these are the days I spend recuperating from the previous week, doing laundry, cleaning house, paying bills, etc.  For someone with MS, just getting through a weekend of NO WORK can be a difficult task!

     Right now, I'm writing this blog before work and trying to figure out how to use the old boy scout (or girl scout) trick of rubbing two sticks together to create a fire...I'm hoping I might be able to do that with my brain cells.  Rub a couple of cells together that are still "active" and hopefully create a meaningful spark I can rely on to get me through my work day!!!  I'll let you know how it turns out...


harkoo said...

You need a boost dear.  I think i will come to visit you this weekend and cook you a shrimp curry dinner.   Shall i bring some chilled beer?

sonyasuzanne said...

Ahhhh chilled beer sounds devine to me.  I'm with you on the brain dead thing.  Today I went to the bank and asked for 410.00 in $20's.  The teller looked at me like I lost it.

Then, at the cell phone store, I asked why the cell phone was hooked up to the store music speakers.  Huh?  Nothing like havin' the kids turn red faced in my presence.  At least they could have laughed it off like I'm suffering brain damage or something, right?

I guess they're in that 'don't embarrass us in public' stage still.  So the way I see it...embarrass the heck outta them while I can legally get away with it.  lol

Wishing that you felt better.  Does the house really need to be cleaned?  Doesn't laying around being a couch potato just sound so much better?