Thursday, July 6, 2006

Multiple Sclerosis and Geometry...

     Mathematicians say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  I suppose logically that is correct...however, for someone with MS that distance is not always the least painful or the least cumbersome!

     The backache, which began on the 4th of July, has blossomed into what now appears to be either a hormone-induced pseudo exacerbation or yet another relapse.  I'm holding out for the "pseudo" thing!  I awoke this morning with muscle cramping in my calves (most likely increased spasticity) and an inability to roll over in bed.  I felt like Gregor, the famous character in the Kafka short story, "The Metamorphosis"!  It WAS much like being a bug stranded on my back.

     As I slowly gathered my senses (what little sense I have left), I began to remember THIS was MS.  "OK", I thought.  "Here we go again".

     I managed to get myself right side up...THAT shortest distance took quite an effort.  Then, it was the shortest distance to the bathroom.  Once in the bathroom, the shortest distance between my hand and my hiny seemed way tooo far as my back seized up and wouldn't accommodate my reach (TMI?  Too Much Information?).  This was followed by the shortest distance from the bathroom to my living room sofa...the walk did help stretch my aching calves a bit.

     Now, I'm getting ready to make my shortest distance between my home and work, the shortest distance between my work and quitting time, and finally the shortest distance from work back home.

     It's too bad these "shortest distances" seem like such a LONG journey!

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