Sunday, July 16, 2006

For The Love Of God, STOP IT!!!

July 2006


Dear Christians, Jews, & Muslims (and any other fanatical World Religion),

     I am writing this letter to you to plead with your followers...for the love of God, will you just STOP IT!?!? 

     I cannot even open a newspaper or turn on my TV today without discovering harrowing tales of your many bloody adventures.  I am just sick of reading about your many bombs and killings and wars all in the name of your "religions".  I'm tired of seeing images of bodies ripped apart by suicide bombers, abortion clinics on fire, families obliterate by acts of genocide, and the everyday mayhem you are causing in the world, all in the name of your "God".  For the LOVE OF GOD, take responsibility for your actions and stop placing your acts of hatred in the name of your "God"!

     I'm sick of hearing your interpretations of what Jesus or Muhammad or Moses would do.  THEY ARE DEAD.  You have no earthly IDEA what "they" would do in these chaotic times.  What you DO know however, is NONE of these peaceful warriors advocated war and killing and hatred...that is, I should say you would know that if you've even READ any of the multitude of writings they left behind.  But I imagine you HAVE read certain paragraphs of the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran...maybe even the entire books from cover to end.  The only problem is, you've managed to somehow twist and INTERPRET these writings and use them to promote your own greed and hatred! 

     Jesus, Muhammad, and Moses didn't give a crap about money or land or accumulating "stuff" and they certainly wouldn't have killed someone to get it.  They advocated PEACE.  They advocated LOVE.  They advocated everybody just getting along and coexisting.  I imagine wherever they are now, they are all three full of disgust and shame in watching you twist their names and beliefs to fit YOUR needs of destruction and war.  I can't speak for them, but I'M JUST SAYIN'...

     So, what WOULD Jesus do or Muhammad do or Moses do in modern times?  I'd like to think they'd tell you followers of established religions in their names to KNOCK THIS SHIT OFF!  But instead of asking what three deceased prophets would do, how about you start asking what YOU should do?  Try it out...just fill in the blank..."What Would _____ Do?"  Put your OWN name in there...dig deep in your hearts (if you still have one).  What Would YOU do?  What "should" you do?  Therein lies the answers to your many problems and believe me, it's not your "God's" fault...


A Concerned World Citizen


sbbridges said...

BRAVO!!!!  This should be sent out to everyone, including PRESIDENT BUSH!!!

hagartyjj said...

I agree!  I think maybe you should start to circulate this by email, this is one thing I would forward!  Very well said!  Very well indeed.  People MUST start taking responsiblity for THEIR actions and stop with the excuses already!  

I hope you are well.  Take care.


harkoo said...

I would urge you to find a wider audience for this letter--it speaks for many of us   You say it so well.  

mdmhvonpa said...

It's unfortunate, but I think a lot of the killing has less to do with religion and more to do with 6000 years of animosity.