Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Down Under...

     Nope.  I'm not talking about Australia.  I'm referring to what's happening "down under" in my gut!  Something is lurking down there and giving me fits.

     I've been feeling lousy for the past few days with horrific gastrointestinal problems.  Of course, everyone's FIRST response is MS..."It must be Multiple Sclerosis".  I'm really sick of hearing that response to every physical complaint I have.

     So, today I finally went and consulted my favorite nurse practitioner, Nurse Payne (no joke, that's her name!).  It's always good to have a "non-MS" set of eyes take a peek under the hood.  She PEEKED all right.  She poked.  She prodded.  She put her fingers literally where the sun doesn't shine.  Frankly, she's one of the best body mechanics I know!

     Now I wait for the results...the phone call to tell me either nothing is wrong or, "We need to talk".  It could simply be a virus or it could be something more serious.  Either way, I just wish the symptoms would GO AWAY!

     Just once, I'd like my symptoms to have nothing to do with MS...I'm sick of MS taking center stage to all my complaints. I'm tired of everything being shrugged off on MS just because I HAVE it. 

     I'd also like to formally apologize to that poor lab technician who will have to "deal" with that nasty "specimen" I left at the clinic today...trust me...it was NO Christmas present!


harkoo said...

Your medical problems are challenging for sure!!!    Food poisoning may be something more serious!!    Keep us imformed.

mdmhvonpa said...

I feel awful providing such a gift for the vet's office when testing my dogs for worms ... I cannot imagine handing over a BM of my own!

hagartyjj said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well.  I hope you get better real soon!  

I know the feeling...it is so frustrating when something goes wrong and the doctors assume it is MS.  The thing is it is NOT ALWAYS MS.  I understand that this illness has a variety of symptoms, but it is not the cause of every problem we have (even though some days it may feel that way).  I have multiple medical problems and even with them knowing my history I still find it difficult at times for some doctors to actually take a look at what may REALLY be going on.  I have found that it is just best to go to the specialists, they typically know what is going on and are not as likely to blame everything on MS.