Monday, July 24, 2006

Too Hot To Care...Much...

     We're setting record temperatures here in Seattle...consequently, I'm staring at pictures of ice sculptures to try to convince myself it's really NOT that hot here!  So far, my eyes have grown tired from staring and I'm still pretty darned warm.

     The Ol' 42 rolled in and rolled out yesterday without much fanfare...just the way I like it.  I treated myself to a day of air conditioning at work (yeah, that's pretty lame), then a friend treated me to a few hours more of air conditioning at a movie.  We went to see Al Gore's movie about global seemed quite fitting for the evening, given the fact these temps here in Seattle are most likely DUE to global warming!!!

     My intestines have settled down...some.  I saw my newest addition to my medical army today:  The Gut Doctor.  There was a whole lot of blah blah blah exchanged, another fecal present left for some unsuspecting lab technician, and a day scheduled next week to ram a camera where the sun doesn't shine and see if someone really CAN locate my brain up there!  I was hoping my Universal Intestinal Studios Tour from 2003 would be enough for him to peek at, but seems EVERYONE wants to be their own tour guide and the scope has to be repeated.  Personally, I think "they" should all just be focusing on the fact I can leave a human excrement sample on command...that's just NOT normal!

     I liked the Gut Doctor well enough.  Actually, I should clarify...I neither liked nor disliked him, which is in his favor.  He was somewhat officious and clinical, which I actually prefer in a Gut Doctor.  I don't really WANT to be on a first name basis with someone who's going to stare up my hiny.  Frankly, I'd prefer never having to see him again and I could just leave his wad of money on the dresser while he quietly slips out of the room...that seems fair. 

     Butt (I know that's a typo) I suppose we'll have to have more conversation after "the procedure" next week.  I'm hoping he can rule out once and for all other causes for my distressed pipes and we can blame this whole problem on good ol' Multiple Sclerosis...after all, everything ELSE gets blamed on MS.

     In the meantime, I'm rather enjoying still having no appetite.  After this Spring's steroid run of weight gain, it's kind of nice watching those few pounds fall off so I can get back to my svelte size of just obese.  And one CAN honestly accuse me of being full of crap these days!

     And finally, on a less disgusting note, my neurologist's office is supposed to be certified tomorrow with the Tysabri TOUCH Program.  I'm not sure I should be excited about this, but I am.  I really hope this drug turns a corner for me and my now "aggressive" MS (that's just what my neuro calls it, and I find the reference rather intriguing!).  I'd like to have a few days...dare I even ask for a few weeks?...where I'm not dealing with some kind of crappy (yep, I referenced it again) fall out from MS.  I'd like to be able to forget I HAVE the damn disease for a bit...I don't think that's too much to ask.

     I don't know exactly when I'll be starting the Tysabri, but I'll keep y'all posted.  Oh...and of COURSE I'll keep you up to date about the situation "Down Under"'s just soooo fascinating! LOL

     Back to staring at pictures of ice sculptures...


mdmhvonpa said...

I could not comment yesterday, but today the Internet is cooperating.  I wonder if there is a market for 'colonoscopy flicks' out there?  You could make some money! ;)

sonyasuzanne said...

I agree, talking with the pro's isn't fun on a first name basis when your talking about the pipes 'down under'.  I need another of those fun proceedures, but haven't gotten around to schedule it.  Must have been one of those MS forgetful moments?  Or brain damage....or?  Whatever it was, I know it was due to MS.  

I do hope it cools off for you. It just ain't happenin' here.