Saturday, July 22, 2006

Father Time Pays Me A Visit...

     Father Time will be waking me up in the morning, tapping me on the shoulder, and adding yet another year to my life's resume.  Yep, I'm officially 42 Sunday morning.

     So, in honor of my 42nd birthday, I thought I'd share with you 42 things I have learned during my 4+ decades of earthly travels.  Please keep in mind, I'm no Andy Rooney!

  1.    Sometimes love hurts.

  2.    I WILL eventually come to the attention of authorities if   I  drink too much.

  3.    It’s OK to say, “I didn’t want to have children”.

  4.    I am replaceable at my job.

  5.    There’s always someone waiting to step in where I leave off.

  6.    My mother was right about one or two things.

  7.    I don’t really understand events until they happen to me.

  8.    I wouldn’t change most of my life’s choices, even if I could, because they brought me here.

  9.    Family is important, but friends are a necessity.

10.  I am not a “morning” person.

11.  Sunrises are almost as spectacular as sunsets.

12.  Memories change over time.

13.  Time DOES lessen many wounds.

14.  Every loss is not a crisis.

15.  It takes a bigger person to say, “I was wrong”, versus, “I’m sorry”.

16.  Relationship break-ups are not the end of the world.

17.  Nobody really cares what I think, but they pay close attention to what I do.

18.  Hondas really ARE better than Toyota.

19.  Being true to one’s self requires knowing what’s personally true.

20.  The human spirit is a remarkable force.

21.  Fighting and war only produce wounds, not healing.

22.  Self-exploration can be financially expensive!

23.  Life looks different when I’m older.

24.  Quiet and alone time is not a luxury.  It is a necessity.

25.  Algebra really ISN’T something I’ll use my entire life.  I told you so, Mr. M! (My high school math teacher)

26.  Looking good is optional.  Feeling good about myself is a priority.

27.  Getting a full night’s rest changes my daily outlook.

28.  Everyone has an agenda…even if their agenda is to have NO agenda!

29.  Focusing only on details blurs the big picture.

30.  Fat WILL deposit wherever it wants to.

31.  Body parts DO get worn out with age and wear.

32.  MS probably won’t kill me.

33.  It really IS OK to have a computer in my home.

34.  Global warming is real.

35.  Politicians get paid more than I do to protect my salary so I get paid.

36.  Justice isn’t always about truth.

37.  I do miss my parents now that they’re gone.

38.  Time speeds up with each passing birthday.

39.  Having a routine/structure in my life is very important.

40.  People I dislike are my best teachers.

41.  Having the last word isn’t always the most important thing.

42.  Connecting with another person’s heart/soul sustains me and brings great joy and peace.


     Who knows what I might learn by next year!  Have a good one...

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harkoo said...

How did you get to be so wise?    Happy birthday dear lady