Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Favorite Top 10 List...

Here's my favorite Top 10 list I have compiled for you.  I have entitled it, "Top 10 Dumb A$$ Things People Have Said To Me About My MS":

     10.    So, how long do you have to live?  (Death sentence acknowledged)

    9.    My best friend’s aunt’s sister’s daughter who lives next door to their son has MS and she’s been fine for years.  (I don’t care)

  8.   Can you still see?  (Yes.  I see stupid people standing in front of me asking lame questions)

  7.   MS…Isn’t that something women get around their period?  (Only a man would say something so idiotic)

  6.   Do you know if you’ll be too tired to go?  (Well, no…I CAN’T predict next month exactly how my fatigue will be, but  you  are certainly wearing me out now!)

  5.   What’s with the cane?  (It’s truly only a fashion statement…really)

   4.    Do your shots hurt?  (No.  Avonex is a specialized painless shot.  Scientists know how to make all injections painless…they’re just not sharing this information with the general public)

   3.    Oh, come on.  You can make it another few blocks/miles.  (I’m glad you believe in me.  So believe me when I tell you, “I friggin’ can’t go another step!")

   2.    I didn’t know you have MS.  (You didn’t get the nationally distributed memo?  Hmmm…you may have been left out of the information loop for a reason)


And finally the Number One top dumb a$$ things people have said to me about my MS:


     1.  But you look so good!  (I do, don’t I?  And you look just as ignorant as I thought you would)


mdmhvonpa said...

Every damn one of those ... had em and did my best to keep a civil tongue.  Yep, nearly bit if off, don-cha know.

harkoo said...

my favorite comment was when my new neighbors had me over for dinner and her partner announced "we decided to take the risk and have you over for dinner even though you have germs"  

cromagmom said...

I followed a link here from a comment you posted on someone else's blog.

I am glad to have found some else as "cranky" as I am. I love your top ten list.  

hagartyjj said...

This is priceless!  I think we have all heard these things...thanks for putting out there just what we "really" were thinking!  

sonyasuzanne said...

You mean I don't REALLY LOOK so good?  

Geesh...and here I was thinkin' I was making a great show of myself and now I find out I have germs, and a cane, and I can really make it the next eighteen miles out there without the wheelchair I'm going to be in next week.  

Love the've said it all and more!