Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Work...The Ties That Bind And Gag...

     In a complete and shameless plagiarizing move, I borrow (or steal) the infamous words of White Lightning Axiom: Redux AKA Mdmhvonpa, "Work is snapping at my rear like a starving piranna", posted June 6th on his website.  If you MSers get a chance to do a drive by on his blog, it's a great read.

     Yes, work IS snapping at my rear this week and I'm not exactly certain why.  I have had a fairly complicated week of cases requiring a bit of finesse and good old fashioned prayer that all would be well with my charges.  I am having to go into work an hour earlier than normal for me this week, I work an evening shift today and turn around to report back in at 8:30AM tomorrow for the dreaded staff meeting (or "stiff"'s all a matter of perspective!) and STILL work another nine hours.  On Friday, I return to my "normal" hours, but I will be doing another difficult solo stint, running from ER to ER investigating cases.  I don't believe my weekend can come soon enough!

     The bees have slowed down in their steady mission to escape the innards of my wall via the INSIDE of my home...I'm still doing the catch and release method in an altruistic fashion to save my planet.  Personally, I think they may have slowed their escapes because it has begun to rain again in Seattle and even Seattlites don't like to be out in the rain much.

     My lower back and hips are still giving me fits after a week of "hoping" the symptom was just a hormone-induced moment...I now think perhaps the "MS Hug" has returned to pay me a visit and it will stay on as long as it chooses.  It's too bad this type of "hug" doesn't feel more warm and comforting!  This, along with a feeling I cannot get enough sleep is a bit troubling...I don't smell relapse in the air just yet, but I am sniffing around with some trepidation.

     If a post appears on this blog tomorrow, it will be a miracle...or perhaps my evil twin will find time to bang out something entertaining while I rest my weary bones on the sofa and watch tasteless TV in the evening!  Wish me luck...I'm headed back into the mine without a canary...


hagartyjj said...

I hope things slow down for you the mean time try and get some rest, don't over do it!  Has Mdmhvonpa told you about the spoon theory?  Don't use up too many spoons!  :)

Glad to hear you are getting a bit of a break from the Bees.  I was there last week to see my neuro and it was lovely to have a little cooler weather (still running in the 90`s here) and to get some rain even!  It was you think you could send some of that cooler weather my way?  lol

I hope you are doing well and that this MS Hug is just a fluke because of the weather.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers!  Take care.  


mdmhvonpa said...

Shucks mam, yer making me blush!  Mostly 'cause the durned fish have eaten away the seat of my pants. ;)