Friday, March 16, 2007

The MS Gods...

     "Lack of sleep...lack of physical rest...too much stress/anxiety...lack of a proper diet...very long hours at work...lack of physical exercise because of time schedule...monthly hormonal fluctuation..."

     The above paragraph just came to me in a vision (or via psychotic break, perhaps!) as I attempted to hobble my way from my bed to the bathroom, realizing I am now into FORCING myself to make it to work another day.  This is not good.  The effects of my "heathen" ways these past few weeks are no longer something I can ignore.

     The MS gods have spoken to me in my vision...and, I think they're pissed!



mariealicejoan said...

You do make me chuckle....please do take care of yourself, nobody else will.

sonyasuzanne said...

I think you need a vacation, but then again, if you had the extra days to do that, I'd make your arse come here so I could give you some TLC.  This taking care of yourself crap is just that, CRAP!

Not that Chi-town would be all that great of a vacation.....but I could show you rows and rows of plowed corn field.  Some find this habit almost relaxing and somewhat sleep inducing!  lol

Hugs to you my friend.  I think of you all the time!

Suzy, in sunny but cool Chicago...where the St. Patty folks are ready to partayyyy today.  I almost wish I could join them!