Thursday, March 1, 2007

Doobie Doo, WHA...T?

     It's back in the news again today...marijuana...pot...cannabinoids.  It seems our toke'n it up friends in the fair state of California have once again PROVEN smoking marijuana eases and relieves neurological pain.  See for more detailed information.

     Why is this still an issue in our country?  Is it because ANYONE can grow marijuana with the right soil and lighting, thus making it LITERALLY an uncontrolled substance by the FDA and all the other "A" regulating government bodies?  Or perhaps is it because the extremely large and profitable DRUG COMPANIES (who support many of our political campaigns in this country) would NOT profit if Joe Blow (pun intended) were to simply grow his OWN marijuana?...thus removing the profits of the mass corporations?  I just don't get it.

     Now, as someone who has experienced moderate to severe neurological pain, I also "don't get" the pot connection.  Yes...I've tried it.  I even INHALED (there goes my political future!).  All it seemed to do for me was make me NOT CARE my arm back and neck still hurt like someone had lit my bones on fire!  But the pain was still there.  I suppose a brief period of "not caring" is better than the pain, but marijuana is just not something that seems to be of great benefit to me personally.  I can't and won't speak for YOU.

     In my job, I evaluate a large number of people with co-occurring disorders, i.e., mental disorders and substance abuse disorders.  I don't think "pot" really helps these folks much either (especially when it's dipped in formaldehyde AKA "Sherm"), but it's usually NOT the marijuana floating around in their blood streams that is of such great concern.  I'm more worried about the METHAMPHETAMINES, OPIATES (heroin, oxycontin, etc), and the ALCOHOL.  These drugs DO effect their functioning severely.  Yet...alcohol remains legal AND is promoted in this country.  And our "war" on Meth and Heroin is playing out much like our "war" in Iraq...WE ARE LOSING!!!!

     My personal opinion is this...because that's all I really care about opinion!  If marijuana improves the quality of life for someone in chronic or severe pain AND they remain a functioning member of our society, I say "Let them eat cake...and smoke their joint, too"...

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