Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Just Not A Morning Person...

     I have witnessed my fair share of sunsets in my past 42 years walking around on this fine earth...but I have to admit, I haven't seen many sunrises. And the reason I haven't viewed much of that grand, bright star rising in the early sky is for this very simple reason: I am not a morning person!!! 
     I once went camping at dear Mount Rainier here in Washington State and convinced myself to awaken early enough so I could venture up the eastern side of "Big Momma" (just what I call that wonderful mountain!) and watch the glory of the sun cresting from a site known for this particular event: A little spot on the mountain named "Sunrise" (We're just creative like that here on the Pacific Coast...inventing quaint names for places of interest).
     I did awaken around 5:00AM, only to discover a cold front had traveled through the valley and left a near freezing chill in the air...this did not "encourage" me in any way to leave the confines of my body-heated tent and head outside for my 10 mile drive up the mountain in the dark! But, since the freezing temperature (and this was July folks!) had already awakened my bladder, I was forced to unzip the tent fly and head out anyway...rather than simply wet myself and go back to sleep...LOL
     The harrowing drive up the two-laned mountain road in the dark was enough to cause me to want to turn back and dive for cover into my sleeping bag...but I forged ahead. Once at the spot on the mountain called "Sunrise", I exited my car, only to discover the higher elevation not only brought a much more icy chill to the air, but the "air" itself had turned into a wind that was whipping it's way around the mountain and the valleys. But still, I remained determined.
     Standing in the freezing cold, I waited...and I waited. Until finally a small sliver of light began to push through a small bank of clouds and the clouds began to change colors from blue, to pink, to yellow, then white. An artist could not have captured the scene and done it was truly beautiful. And then the sun all her glory.
     I often tell this tale of standing at Sunrise to watch the sun rise because, not only was it a most exquisite scene, but the mere fact I was present for it should be chronicled as a small miracle! I just don't "do" mornings without a dayum good reason.
     And this brings me to my point of this post as I DO have one! Tomorrow morning (Thursday), I will be at my place of employment at the crack of dawn (and not only do I NOT want to see her "crack", I don't even know who "dawn" is!)...I will be presenting the second round of a workshop series with dear "T", and neither of us are in any way happy about this. It's not because we don't WANT to fulfill this's just this MORNING thing!
     The presentation begins at 8:00AM...and since I don't typically awaken fully until around 10:00AM, I imagine things could get "interesting"...LOL I will be armed with my version of stout coffee (Mountain Dew) and will hopefully remain upright the entire 4 hours of the presentation. I DO hope no one will be expecting any humor or gymnastics as I am quite certain I will be lacking in both areas!
     And just to add insult to injury, I am also scheduled to work 4 more DAY TIME SHIFTS immediately following tomorrow! I'm not certain who exactly I "pissed" off to pull this type of punishing duty, but I am groveling an apology as I type...


mariealicejoan said...

I have always thought that early morning was the best part of the day.  It's also when I am at my quickest witted and have the most energy.  I'm one of those annoying people that bound out of bed!  Unfortunately though I start to turn into a pumpkin in the evening and am always tucked up in bed and snozzing away by 10 o'clock!

harkoo said...

My sympathies to you.   I understand your issues--when i was a nurse, i always worked the evening or night shifts.  Some of us are not capable of thinking till late in the day, let alone dealing with a crisis.   Now, i would rather watch David Letterman than see the sun rise.

mumma4evr said...

I often have to see Dawn's Crack and it isnot a pretty site to see......
no amount of coffee can help