Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm So Tired, My Hair Hurts...

     That blog title is something my mother used to say I "allegedly" said when I was but a wee lass!  But it is true...I AM so tired my hair hurts tonight.  LOL

     I have managed to spend most of my weekend either working on a WORK project or taking care of business around the hut...I am no longer in fear I might be crushed under a pile of toppling dishes that were awaiting a good scrubbing next to the sink and my laundry is (for the most part) done.  I am blaming MS on my lack of reasoning and impulse control for agreeing to take on this "special" work assignment last year that has kept me consumed most of the weekend.  Oh, yes...and I AM blaming you too, "T"!

     I spent the better part of the afternoon today downtown at the "bat cave" where my main office of employment is (don't worry...young "T" was there, too), trying to organize some form or sense out of the pages of information we are about to present on Tuesday to the first group of our colleagues.  I've decided the ONLY way we might come out of this project alive is to bake some's a nice distraction while trying to slink out the door after presenting a mandatory training!  At least if their mouths are full, they'll be less likely to spew venom at us...but there IS always the possibility of vegetable throwing (**making note to self to do a security check on all bags brought into the conference room**).

     Oh yeah...and WHO IN THE H-E-double-L TOOTHPICKS decided THIS week was an excellent time to start daylight savings all over again?!?  I certainly wasn't consulted, were you??  Just as I thought...maybe it was the MS Society since neither you nor I were consulted ( jab there!). 

     I am sitting here at the puter utterly exhausted thinking, "But it's REALLY only 8:00PM right now.  Why am I so dayumed tired?"  It's a little game I play with myself every time thefeds roll the clocks forward or backward...the, "but it's really only" time game.  I am giving serious consideration to moving to Arizona where this silly game is NOT's just always the same time there...spring or fall...steady time...if it weren't for the hellish heat in AZ, I'd already have my bags packed!

     Well, I must go now and comfort my aching hair...the poor, little follicles have been clinging for dear life as it is post Novantrone!  Maybe laying them gently down on my pillow will soothe their tired strands...LOL...

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mumma4evr said...

stupid week for schools here to have state testing for Math, don't  you think???