Sunday, March 11, 2007

All Of These Crime Statistics Kind Of Make Me Want To Punch Somebody!...

     I have just immersed myself in a multitude of national, local, and city crime statistics...what a dayumed depressing topic is THAT?!?

     Trust me, I wouldn't be doing this intensive research if it didn't relate directly to this "little" work project my best of buds, "T", and I are presenting in the next 5 weeks!  I am simply shocked by the massive amount of violence REPORTED in our country...and the statistics do not reveal those crimes left unreported (such as a large percentage of domestic violence cases).  And here's the real kicker of it all...did you know Mental Health Workers Rank in the top five highest percents of workers assaulted on the job???  That's right...we fall just under police officers, bartenders, and cab drivers.

     I'll be spending my leisurely Sunday morning checking the "Help Wanted" ads...right after I read the comics...LOL

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