Monday, March 12, 2007

Feeling A Bit Verklempt...And I'm Not Even Jewish...

     Today, I received my quarterly (at least I think it's on that schedule?!?) edition of "MS Connection" local MS Chapter's publication.  I always peruse these publications to try to stay abreast (you'll find out later in this post why the use of this word is a bit ironic here!) of local topics and events.  And I always read the stories submitted by people living with MS...AND, these stories always bring tears to my eyes!

     It's not that I feel sorry for these folks...good grief, the stories are geared to "inspire" and be "uplifting"!  Perhaps it is that I feel sorry for MYSELF when I read them...I'm just not sure.  What I do know is this:  The power of the human spirit is a force unlike any other I have ever known in its ability to survive, change, grow, and withstand adversity.  This simple fact is what reaches out from the pages of these stories and touches my heart so.

     My own "spirit" is being toyed with today in a peculiar manner as the irony of some of my words meant to be humorous are being shoved in my face!  I got "the call" today regarding the results of my mammogram last seems my poking fun at the Breast Cancer Awareness marketing campaign has caused the Universe to want to poke me back...I only hope the "big U's" poke will contain some laughs as well!

     It appears my average-sized, never fed children, frontal appendages may have a "problem"...or, they may not!  I just LOVE this kind of indecisive preliminary mammo shows diffuse asymmetrical quite possibly fibroid "developments".  That's the polite way they tell you something's growing in your jugs that looks "suspicious"...but the Breast Testers have to first compare my mammo from two years ago to my CURRENT one...then they will decide what if anything needs to be done next.

     My first reaction to this news was the thought I MIGHT finally have a disease who's marketing colors will match my personal color chart!  My second reaction was, "What?!?"  And my third (and the final one I'm settling with) reaction was based in scientific fact/knowledge that MANY women have preliminary mammograms that look "suspicious"...this is NOT like the news when I was told (and shown because I didn't believe the neurologist!) I had multiple lesions in my brain and one in my spine!  I am comforted by the medical knowledge a high percentage of women walk around with "developments", AKA fibroids, which are not cancerous.

     Meanwhile, I continue to feel a bit "verklempt" in the words of Linda Richmond (character played by Mike Myers of Saturday Night Live YEARS ago), "Talk amongst yourselves..."   


pjorpeej said...

This boggles my mind.  What moron makes the "this could be a problem" call before they've compared this Mamo to the last one?   I mean, how lazy can you get?

It's probably nothing to concern yourself with.  When they finally decide everything is normal, grab the idiots by the throats and choke the life out of them.  You'll be doing the planet a favor since they are most definitely not needed in the gene pool!


sonyasuzanne said...

Does there seem to be some ridiculous sort of game going on here?  Geez...sometimes I'd just like to tell our bodies 'alrighty already...enough!'.

Maybe Memaw's words ring true in this example?  Do words really have power?

Love and hugs....

Moi, in almost 70ish Chicago