Saturday, March 3, 2007

Laughing 'Til I Pee...

     I am considering writing another book (don't worry...the first one I wrote remains unpublished and covered in dust on my shelf!)...I think I'd like to title it, "Laughing 'Til I Pee...Warning:  Contents Under Pressure".

     Every now and again, I will peruse the book store in that dreaded "health" section, looking for books about Multiple Sclerosis.  I find it odd so many books about ILLNESSES are found in the "health" section!  (It's rather a strange oxymoron, isn't it?!?)  Usually, when I leave this section, I am quite thankful I JUST have MS and not all the other maladies someone has written about.

     But, what I always notice in the MS portion of the "health" section is, there are many books written for the Newly Diagnosed or those looking for more information on coping with a disability, etc., but there is absolutely NO HUMOR found in this section.  And I suppose this is because of a fairly good reason:  It is not socially acceptable to find HUMOR in Multiple Sclerosis!

     In saunters my book idea...we are such an up tight and politically correct society, I believe we have lost much of our HUMOR in our attempts to not appear racist, uncaring, belittling, or in any way better than someone else.  We do not want to feel uncomfortable in any manner, so we look the other way when we see someone in a wheel chair (and BTW, this is one of the chair-dependent folks biggest one makes eye contact with them!), homeless, or in some way appearing different than us.  We tiptoe around our own bodily functions, our obesity, and our diseases as if laughing at OURSELVES will offend someone else!

     I'm here to tell you:  Multiple Sclerosis is side-splitting funny!  Or at least my personal "case" of it is.  I can say this now after living with the dayumed diagnosis for the past four years...I most likely COULDN'T have said this a few years ago because I WAS one of the "Newly Diagnosed"...and it's NOT funny 24/7.  But there are those occasions when laughing has become my best medicine and a greater healing force than any Interferon injection!

     As I have faced my own fears of this disease, I have noticed many occasions where MS has brought incredible HUMOR into my life.  I HAVE laughed about it until I've peed (or come very close to it anyway!) and I think I SHOULD laugh about it as much as sure beats crying in my beer.

     I'll keep you dear "CHEESE" readers posted if I actually DO find the ambition to write something again (besides this blog!) it stands, I'll most likely have MS for the rest of my life, so I've certainly got some time to think about it and collect a few more stories!  LOL

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mariealicejoan said...

Ahh...another budding writer!  It's long been my dream as well.  Love your title!  You asked on my blog how I found you.  Well, I just kind of stumbled onto you.  Your link was left on the AOL journals homepage as being recently updated...the name intrigued me...Brain that sounds interesting I thought.  I had a neighbour lady when I was growing up who had MS and the daughter of a friend of mine was recently diagnosed with it.  She has also recently found out she is pregnant.  Don't know what the ramifications of that will be, but hopefully not too bad.  I have put you on my list of alerts so I don't miss any of your posts!