Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Had A Sex Dream This Morning...

     I wonder how many unsuspecting perps will "google" the word PORN today and get a link to this post!  LMAO  What a surprise they will be in for...

     Well, it IS true...I did have a "sex dream" this morning...BUT...I won't bore you with THOSE details!  Instead, I'll bore you with my personal interpretation of what the dream meant to me (porn hunters may redirect now back to their original search!).

     What little I know about dream interpretation, I learned in psychology 101 classes and most of it was based on the teaching of Dr. Freud.  Frankly, I believe most of the time, Freud fanned the female fire (say THAT 10 times fast!) and he had many hang ups about his own mother...thus the majority of his theories.  I also believe much of Freud's work was based on his OWN inadequacies, desires, and dysfunctions, which he primarily projected via female archetypes and energy!!!  How's THAT for a line of psychobabble?!?

     OK, so back to the "sex dream"...without going into gory details (because let's face it...the imagery or even the THOUGHT of moi in a sexual encounter might cause projectile vomiting for some), my "sex dream" involved several aspects of being exposed, humiliated, and included a multitude of people (which I'm STILL trying to figure out how an old high school class mate, who I have not thought about or remembered in years, weaseled their way into my unconscious psyche!!).

     DOH!  I don't think I need to pay an expert to figure this one out for me...today, Tuesday, is the FIRST of a series of presentations my coworker, "T", and I are doing for our department at work.  We're both very nervous (yes, I WILL speak for her also!)...the material is new to both of us, in the sense neither one of us has taught this particular course before (although I used to be an instructor in two similar courses).  We have studied and prepared to the best of our ability, but...it's STILL new material.

     Add on top of the "new material pile" the notionI have not done any type of public speaking since 2003, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  The reason is, frankly, because the opportunity has just never arose in the past 4 years...but, I'm also quite nervous about my word finding difficulty, which has certainly worsened during my diagnostic tenure.  Add on a pinch of stress (pinch?!) about "performing" in front of my colleagues, and I am fairly CERTAIN not only will the CAT be holding my tongue hostage, but MS may make a mockery out of my speech as well!  I have always taken great pride in my communication abilities and my manner of teaching.  Therefore, my "performance may be less than adequate, in front of a multitude of people, and become embarrassing"...

     Thank Gawd I was able to save THAT $150.00 and interpret my OWN sex dream...LOL

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