Monday, January 15, 2007

Released From Physical Therapy...

     The torture has ceased...I am now "officially" released from Physical Therapy!  I just saw Madam "Z" this morning and she has given me the green light AND her blessing to go full throttle's a good day.

     I have to say (which I CAN say here in the safety of my own blog!), I think Madam "Z" may be in cahoots with Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named.  I have unfortunately had to add her to my list of suspects that have tried to kill me recently. LOL  Last week, she made me so sick from all of her inner ear/flip me around/spin me like a top moves, I FELT as if I might die...and if not death, then vomit, which in my book, constitutes the same thing!  LOL

     I have decided I must suffer from a very serious mental disorder called Masochism.  Webster defines this word as:  "an abnormal condition where pleasure is derived from pain, humiliation, etc."  The strange thing is, even with all the PAIN and HUMILIATION inflicted on me by Madam "Z", Dr. SWWNBN, and my various other providers, I STILL oddly LIKE them!  AND...I continue to PAY them for their services.

     But if I'm masochistic, what does that make THEM???...Hmmm...they DO seem to take great pleasure in their roles as well...

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