Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I Don't Know Why I Laugh So Hard...

     I'm sure this is one of those "You had to be there" stories I'm about to share...but it made me laugh so hard this morning I nearly wet myself (key word is "nearly", folks!).

     My bestest friend, who I'll call "Patsy", called me up today from the frigid cold of North Dakota to check in and see how things were/are going for me.  We've been friends for nearly 20 years, so there's little we can't and don't say to each all good friends should.

     Patsy has a biracial child in a tiny farm town in North Dakota AND she's a single parent...that alone should be cause for nominations of "Mother of the Year" in my book!  And in spite of the population of her town being ALL Caucasian except one, both she and her little girl handle the disparity quite well.  And somewhat remarkably, her family and her home town have seemed to embrace them with color-blindness...something we all wish there could be more of in the rest of the world.

     Anyway, today's topic of discussion centered around young "T" possibly needing braces.  Unfortunately, "T" has a somewhat noticeable gap between her two, front teeth...nothing I would ever make a big deal out of because she's a beautiful child all the same.  But Patsy skimps on nothing when it comes to the welfare of her child, so the thought of dropping SIX GRAND on a pair of wires for "T's" mouth was not really the issue. 

     The phone conversation today went something like this:

Patsy:  "So, we're gonna drive 2 hours tomorrow for the orthodontist consult and hopefully he'll have some recommendations, but I imagine he's gonna recommend the big bucks."

ME:  "Uhuh."  **Sipping pop**

Patsy:  "And if he thinks braces will close that gap, then that's what she'll get."

ME:  "Hmmm..."

Patsy:  "I mean, for God's sake, I certainly don't want her growing up to look like Condi Rice!  That woman earns a six figure salary and SHE can't pay to get those teeth fixed???"

ME:  **Spitting pop out of my mouth and blowing it from my nose**  "What!?"

Patsy:  "Condi Rice.  You know.  She's the Secretary of State?  Big gaping gap between her teeth and she can AFFORD to get that fixed."

ME:  **Wiping spewed beverage on my sleeve**  Oh my God!  Did you just say what I thought you said?"  **Laughing uncontrollably now**

Patsy:  "Yep, I did.  I don't want my child growing up to look like Condi Rice."

     Yes, I guess you REALLY did need to be there...

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pjorpeej said...

LOL!  My son, Jim, had a gap that you could've parallel parked a Grayhound Bus in.  They "trimmed" the skin between the two front teeth (it even had a name though I can't remember what it was.... we weren't really properly introduced.  A Frennen or something like that.)  Anyway, with that minor surgery and 2 years worth of braces he still has the gap but it IS smaller... now it would only allow a VW Bug to park in it.......

Tell he that if it really bothers her to get it fixed, but if not, don't bother.  It doesn't always remain "fixed" no matter what you spend

Glad you had a good laugh today!  :)