Tuesday, January 9, 2007

For Corrine...










Sonnet 2 from "The Autumn Sonnets"

                by May Sarton


If I can let you go as trees let go

Their leaves, so casually, one by one;

If I can come to know what they do know,

That fall is the release, the consummation,

Then fear of time and the uncertain fruit

Would not distemper the great lucid skies

This strangest autumn, mellow and acute.

If I can take the dark with open eyes

And call it seasonal, not harsh or strange

(For love itself may need a time of sleep),

And, treelike, stand unmoved before the change,

Lose what I lose to keep what I can keep,

The strongest root still alive under the snow,

Love will endure--if I can let you go.

     Thinking of you in your time of loss...



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