Saturday, January 20, 2007


     I WISH I were talking about body measurements here (well, maybe not the "40" one!), but I'm not.  I'm talking about the HOURS I'VE BEEN AWAKE!  Steroid-induced's never a "good" thing...

     I'm not exactly sure what has happened to me this go round following my one dose of Solumedrol yesterday.  I don't ever recall suffering from insomnia to THIS extent after only one dose of the "juice", but I have rapidly moved into my second day of being continuously AWAKE!  I will need to remember to ask Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named if I got the customary dosage or something a bit higher since I'm only being popped with one IV a month now...that is, if I don't become completely bat-sheet-psycho-circus-freak-crazy in the next several hours and do the thing I fear the most...running naked down the street screaming!!

     I started sucking on the psych meds a few hours ago in hopes there might be something in my medicine bag o' tricks that might sedate this raging elephant (which just reminded me to go take ANOTHER Klonopin) far, I'm still standing.  Why God, why??

     The headache I got immediately post infusion yesterday is just a dull ache now, but the nausea has remained fairly constant today...I'm starting to wonder if I didn't contract Ebola or the Hantavirus while trolling for patients in the ER's this past week.  LOL  I DO try not to lick my hands after being in those disease-infested areas of the hospitals, but some "bug" may have snuck up on my already weakened immuno-defensive system...this would certainly explain the unusual and new symptoms following my Roid IV. 

     Whatever the cause, I will be checking Craig's List shortly to see if I can find a pygmy for hire to blow dart my arse if I don't fall down in a drug-induced coma on my own fairly soon!  The good news (if there can be any found in staying awake nonstop for two days) is, I have been able to channel some of this restless energy and do some deep cleaning in my sty...I will puff up and brag a bit here to say I believe you could serve a meal off my bathroom floor right now, it is sooo sparkling/Cloroxed/disinfected clean!  Of course, I've probably knocked off another 10 years on the life-span of my liver from BREATHING all those toxic fumes!

     But seriously, COULD eat off that Sh!+!!!


crovira2 said...

Sorry to hear about your utter sleeplessness.

I usually get into "fugues" from not noticing what time it is when pulling an "all-nighter." (It comes with the "nerd territory." You might say that its all that focusing on a problem, like a terrier focuses on a rat. :-)

Then I crash for a few days.

Hope you find some surcease soon.

pjorpeej said...

Sympathies from the Queen of Insomnia!  :)  I hope you are able to snore deeply VERY soon!

mdmhvonpa said...

"running naked down the street screaming"

Could you please post that on UTube? ;)