Saturday, January 27, 2007

Quote Of The Week..."And Who's Gonna Take Care Of My Ferret?!?"

     I'd love to tell you more about that title, but I can't.  I'm bound by confidentiality laws to NEVER repeat even the funniest of stories about my job...that's because, A) mental illness isn't supposed to be funny, and B) for all YOU know, the story could be about you or one of your family members!  But that certainly is an intriguing quote, isn't it?  LOL

     I've been spending way too much time at my job lately...I say this mostly in comparing my month of December, when I spent NO time at my job, to now...being back full time again.  At one point this evening, I began to think there was no way I could possibly go another step...I began to believe I truly was disabled...I began to fantasize about being home on my living room couch curled up under a blanket...and then, I completed my work tasks anyway (in spite of myself) and came home.

     One of the most troubling things I've noticed in my functioning since my last relapse is the fact I'm much SLOWER mentally than I used to be.  I seem to have lost my "edge" for cognition is spinning about as quickly as a windmill on a still day.  I seem to get overwhelmed mentally by what used to be the simplest of tasks...and I haven't quite yet figured out how to work around this or compensate.

     Fortunately, I have this weekend off to recharge my depleted battery and try to focus on something else BESIDES work.  I have nothing pressing on my "social calendar" (like I really keep one anyway?!?) and I can just let myself REST...something I'm really needing right now...just emptying my mind of all thoughts and ferrets to tend to...just me and my devilish cat.

     Now there's a weekend to look forward to...

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mumma4evr said...

ummm, I think I know that ferret! ok, maybe not but I sure know a cat with a similar story