Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It Has Happened...AGAIN...

     I am ready to SLAP whoever wrote that "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas" song...it's become a nasty earworm in my head!  And, Christmas has been over for nearly a month now...yet, here in Seattle, we're still living through the "white" part.  Yes, it HAS snowed AGAIN in my beautiful Puget Sound.

     I awoke this morning to the sound of the Devil Kitty meowing and pawing at my bedroom door...this is a typical alarm clock sound for me as she USUALLY decides my wake up time, regardless of my fatigue or schedule.  But what I hadn't planned on discovering when I slipped an eye out my bedroom blinds was THREE MORE INCHES OF SNOW!!!  A heavy blanket of "white" covered everything and made it difficult to distinguish what shapes lay hidden under its cover.

     Now, under "usual" circumstances, I would most likely be thrilled by the beauty of it all...it is generally a rare occasion to get any snow at all in Seattle.  But this is the THIRD time it has snowed here in less than TWO weeks!  I say, "Enough already".

     We here in the Pacific Northwest Maritime region have no concept for "snow" and very few defenses.  Snow plows, shovels, ice scrapers, snow boots, snow routes, long johns, gloves, etc., are all things that normally remain hidden in our closets until SKI SEASON...and ski season means we are DRIVING to the mountains to see snow, leaving our cozy homes and rainy streets behind to partake in something "else".  This is just not NORMAL!

     And to top it all off, I will be out on the streets of the county today in my job, driving in this mush and slush...not a pretty proposition in my mind.  Fortunately, I will have another coworker to do my bidding as I ride "shot gun" in one of the worst winter scenes I have witnessed here in the past 10 years.

     So, I have to go now and dig out some long johns, find my winter boots, look for a pair of gloves WITHOUT holes in them, and say a prayer for safe keeping...this has to be the WORST week in the history of my career to have BEGGED to return to work on full-time status following a relapse!  If I didn't think it might come full circle and bite me in the arse, I'd be "tempted" to FAKE another just to get out of my current predicament!! LOL

     LESSON LEARNED:  Be careful what you ask for...


mumma4evr said...

shhhhhhhhhhhhh..................I will let you in on a secret....we have not had any snot here at all ....shhhhhhhhhh

crovira2 said...

"Earworm" I hadn't heard that expression in quite a while....

What did the doctor was the problem with the patient after the fourth divorce?

"Ringworm" :-)

(Sorry! LOL)

hagartyjj said...

Hey you!  I have been thinking of you.  Try to stay warm and indoors if at all possible.  You guys just can't seem to get a break when it comes to bad weather.  What is that all about....and now we are getting it too!