Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Suppose I Should Look Into Getting A Life...

     Note the odd angle of the's quite difficult to take a self-portrait of the back of your own head with a hand-held digital camera and a CAT ON YOUR SHOULDER!!!  And it looks like I should have spent a bit more time in PhotoShop brushing out the grey in my hair and adding hair to my bald spots...LOL

     This IS a typical shot of me at my computer...the cat is always there on my a ten pound sack of potatoes or a really, really large growth!  As you can see (or "if" you can see), I am reading the most recent entries by Suzy over at Bliss (link is on the side bar...drinks are on the house.  LOL)...She's back posting thank goodness.  Not that I've grown tired of all you other MS bloggers out there.  I just missed her and the "Memaw" stories, that's all!

     My weekend is over almost.  Just a few, short hours and then I must hit the hay once again to try and find some quality sleep before my all too early alarm goes off and summons me like a sombie back to work...time sure does fly by when you're doing nothing!

     Today, I almost did some yard work...but then I laid down and took a very brief nap instead.  So, unless you'll allow me to count "almost" completing any tasks this weekend, I've basically done NOTHING.  I did make one meal out with Saint EB and my laundry is spinning cycles in the other room, but that's it...nothing to show for my 48 hours of being home, except a lengthy and boring BRAINCHEESE post yesterday.

     I "almost" thought about going to a movie...and I "almost" thought about a trip to the park since the sun was shining today.  I almost got up once to start sorting through some piles of papers I need to file...almost made it to the store for some shopping and almost read some pages of a book...almost...but I didn't.  My "almost" life seems far more active than my REAL life! LOL

     I've got about 2-3 more ALMOST hours before I need to extract this cat from my shoulder and go to bed.  Maybe I'll almost find something else to complete during that time...


mumma4evr said... not get a life because then you would stop writing here and I would have to get a life!  

mdmhvonpa said...

That cat ... as a growth ... Do you remember Arnold in Total Recall?  That alien/mutant guy who was growing out of the belly of another guy?  Yeah, that's what was rattling though my mind.