Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's Over...

     It's over and the fat lady ain't singing...I'm talking about my beloved SEAHAWKS and their match today with the Chicago BEARS.  My birds of a feather lost fair and square...

     I'm just really fortunate I DID NOT bet Miss Suzy over at on THIS game...she is a die hard BEARS fan and I have already lost my shirt earlier this year on a Seahawks/Bears match up.  No consolation packages from the Great Northwest will be sent to the windy city after today's game!

     (And, by the way...has ANYONE heard from Miss Suzy?  I type this to either force a response or align with those of us missing her.  I keep checking her blog, but nothing has been entered since January 3rd...)

     So, I'm off now to take my blood pressure medication (the game DID go into overtime) and try to figure out what I must get done today around the hut.  It's a sad day here in Seattle...but it really wasn't THAT great of a day prior to the loss!  LOL


mumma4evr said...

holding my breath over the NE Patriots!!!

harkoo said...

Fourth Quarter right now with the Patriots--tense here for sure!  

harkoo said...

Patriots did it again!  

baitulos said...


Thank you for showing such EMPATHY regarding our Seahawk loss!!!  I'm just not feelin' the love here...LOL

Good luck in your next one, however...those COLTS will be a tough match up.


pjorpeej said...

Awww..... How can you say you don't feel the love from Patriots fans?  I did send you an email telling you how sorry I was to see your team lose, didn't I?  :)

It wasn't pretty -- actually it was butt ugly -- but the Pats managed to squeek through to another win.  

We'd be more than willing to let you cheer for our team till your Hawks start playing again!  No one should be left out during the playoffs  ;)

hagartyjj said...

Hey Linda,
I have not heard from Suzy either!  I hope that she is doing okay.  Maybe we should call and check up on her.  Please let me know if you have heard anything (as I am posting this a few days later).  

I would have to agree with you that the whole Seahawks thing SUCKS seeing how I too am in the great state of Washington!  Maybe next year?