Friday, February 9, 2007

Yellow + Blue = Green!...

     I am peeing Mountain Dew...or at least my urine color "looks" like Mt. Dew!  It's quite the shade of green tonight.  That blue dye Novantrone wasted no time discoloring my bodily functions...way cool, if you ask me!  LOL

     My infusion has appeared to go far.  I'm still holding my breath for any signs of nausea, but I'm actually doing far better than I had anticipated...of course, I had planned and prepared for ANY disaster with the Novantrone...and much to my delight, this has pretty much been a cake walk during the past few hours post infusion, I must admit.

     Here's something I found (and find) most annoying however.  Bathrooms with auto exhaust fans and auto flushes.  You may be asking yourself right now how either of these topics could have ANYTHING to do with my infusion today (I ask myself repeatedly how ANYTHING I write about on CHEESE is pertinent at're not alone.  LOL)...I'll get to that connection shortly.

     Ok, the auto exhaust fans in bathrooms DON'T have any connection to my infusion, but I bring it up as an example to make my point (and I DO have one...a point, that is).  I'm really peeved nonetheless whenever I enter a public bathroom, flip on the lightswitch so I can see to do my "business", and an exhaust fan automatically begins to hum.  What is that about?  Like someone has already predetermined ANYTHING I do in that bathroom is going to create a "smell"?!?  I resent this (LOL).  I am a mature woman who should be able to discern if my "business" has created a scent...but no...that privilege has been stripped from me!

     Likewise, auto flush toilets...and my point and connection with today's infusion. 

     Club Med is a high-tech, state of the art should insurance company has surely purchased a wing there already with the amount of charges I have racked up in a year!  And this is where I go for all of my infusions, Novantrone included.  So, in their effort to remain on top of the high-tech medicine game, Club Med has auto flush toilets in their infusion lab (because patients obviously can't be trusted to say goodbye to their own waste products!).

     Today after my infusion, I high-tailed it into the bathroom because: A)  I'd just received a mother load of fluids IV, and B)  I really wanted to see if the Novantrone was already discoloring my urine...I'm just curious like that (I look at accidents on the freeway, me crazy! LOL).

     So, I'm in the "pod" bathroom doing my "business" and, like a kid at Easter, trying to finish up quickly so I can take a scientific gander at my pee...THIS is exciting after all.  LOL  I complete my "business" and stand up to reconcile my clothing when, all of a sudden, I hear the loud and startling suction of the auto flush toilet begin to evacuate my prize bowl!  I nearly broke my own neck twisting my head around like an owl to peer into the porcelain God before gravity whisked my urine out of sight! 

     I only caught glimpse of the tail of the water funnel before it was gone forever...but I am proud to report...IT WAS LIME GREEN!!!  Sometimes, one has to rely on the "little things" to entertain us and make the most uncomfortable of situations bearable...LOL


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It only LOOKS like "Mountain Dew." :-)

Resist all temptation to actually drink it.