Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Count Down To Novantrone...

     I go in today for my pre-Novantrone, fireside chat with Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named...of course, she does not have a fire place in her office...I only add that for calming effect.  LOL 

     I am still scheduled to receive the blue carpet dye on Friday (Novantrone)...admittedly, I am nervous about this process and post infusion side effects.  I have several of my friends on gastro standby (in case I need to call someone for "puking events") and another person who plans to go with me to the infusion to "watch over" the process...although highly unlikely I would EVER be unable to speak for myself, that's what she'll be there for!  Or, to shut me up...which ever is needed.  LOL

     One of my friends has volunteered to collect the dog hair from her two Labrador dogs and make me a hat/wig combination should my hair thin or fall out...I suppose one should never look a gift horse in the mouth.  LOL  Other than the hair issue, I think I've got every other imaginable  and yet unforeseeable problem covered...it's nice to put my "worry" into motion.

     I still have a busy week ahead of me BEFORE Friday, so I'm hoping not to exhaust myself too much in the next 3 days...I will work my 9 hours today after seeing Dr. SWWNBN, have another medical appointment tomorrow morning and spend my only day off "preparing" for Friday (i.e., grocery shopping, some cleaning, etc.), attend an all too early staff meeting Thursday morning and turn around and work the afternoon for another 9 hours...then...Friday will be upon me.

     I guess it's probably best to keep myself busy this week anyway...it allows me less time to ruminate!  LOL

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