Sunday, February 18, 2007

Things I Have Heard, Read, Or Seen This Week That Have Pissed Me Off...Without Further Explanation..

     Ever have one of those weeks where the world offers you many situations to challenge your mental strength?  I've had one this past week...and unfortunately, I've found myself feeling a tad bit frustrated and angry over MANY of these situations! 

     As a behaviorist and working in the psych field, I'm fully aware it is one's PERCEPTION of events or situations that create feeling...anger included.  So I'm thinking perhaps I may need to do a bit of soul-searching to delve into this issue and get to the "root of my problem"! 

     One way to do this type of self-digging (that really sounds a bit perverse, eh?  LOL) is to journal.  I not only keep this blog rolling, but I DO also keep a journal as well.  Today I'm a bit pressed for time, so I thought I'd just leave you with a "blitz" list of things I've encountered this week that have irritated'll just have to make up your own context for the following "Things I Have Heard, Read, Or Seen This Week That Have Pissed Me Off:

1.  "She's really having a hard time right now, so you need to cut her some slack" (regarding someone's habitual bad behavior).

2.  Drivers distracted in traffic or at lights because they are talking on their cell phones.

3.  "You people never do anything to help(us)" (said by someone unhappy with my decision).

4.  "I wasn't on the schedule, so I didn't think I was supposed to work" (without checking to verify this).

5.  "We've just been slammed" (with a work load).

6.  "She's just using her MS for political gain."

7.  A "tardy" notice regarding a mailed bill with a check that has yet to clear the bank because the power company has admittedly lost it.

8.  People who say they'll meet you at a certain time, but are never ON time.

9.  Repeated dropped cell phone calls (aren't we past this problem technologically?!?).

10.  Lazy people...truly lazy people...not disabled people or challenged people, but lazy people.

11.  People who make more work for others by trying to avoid working.

12.  Light bulbs that blow out after dark...and not remembering where the replacements are.

13.  People who drive with their stereo base so loud in their cars, it shakes my living room windows.

14.  Door to door sales people or door to door "proselytizers".

15.  "That's unacceptable".

16.  "I don't know" (without offering to find out).

17.  Drive through fast food places that take longer to complete your transaction then if you'd just walked in the door in the first place.

18.  Chemo hair.

19.  Sales clerks that repeatedly ask you if you'd like to open an account in their store.

20.  Telemarketers...especially the ones who remain on the line after two minutes of laying the phone down and returning to see if they are gone! that's a BIG list I have to work with in my self-exploration this week!  And I'm sure I'll "get right on that"...LOL


mumma4evr said...

I hate peoplew ho want to start something at a certain time and are late but they do not call to let you know they will be late, even though they have a cell phone.  To top it all off , they get angry with you when you start whatever it is , and they didn't have the curtesy to calll you to let you know they would be late and when they would be arriving! ( yup, same person, twice this weekend!)

crovira2 said...

Sorry but I don't 'get' number 12.

When other than when its dark do you turn a light on, so when other than when its dark are you going to find out that its 'blown'.

As for not remembering where they are,; what difference does it make?

You can't find them in the dark anyway. :-)

As for the rest of the list... Well, we all could probably add a few things there.