Friday, February 2, 2007

If A Tree Falls In A Forest And No One Is Around, Does It Make A Sound?

     I know...I'm just full of philosophical questions this week!  But the REAL question at the moment is, "If I fall in my bedroom while trying to get out of bed and no one is around, is there a sound?"  LOL

     This entry will be short and sweet...or at least short and to the point.  I fell this morning while trying to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, so it's extremely difficult for me to sit upright now and type.  As usual, I'm not at all certain what is "going on" in my body.  I developed some low right-sided back pain yesterday, but just assumed I may have pulled something...but now that I think of it, one usually has to be ACTIVE to pull a muscle! LOL

     Anyway, I slept horribly in the night and awoke quite early for me:  6:00AM.  I noticed some fairly intense, stabbing pains in my lower back when I tried to hoist myself out of bed...but no sooner had I begun my trek to the bathroom, did I find myself "swan diving" ungracefully to the floor.  No injuries to report other than wounded pride.

     Interestingly (if one can EVER call anything having to do with MS "interesting"), my legs are both experiencing weakness and I have a tight banding feeling around my lower back and hips...what concerns me the most is, it seems to be affecting my RIGHT leg more than my right leg is my star performer, so this is more than a bit concerning.  I've always relied on the right one to drag me through the mud if I needed it to.

     So, I'm off to gingerly push myself out of this chair, hobble to the medicine cabinet, and pop a few more "happy pills", AKA, Advil and Zanaflex...the pills don't REALLY make me happy, but they are seeming to provide some relief from the discomfort.

     Now begins the typical MSer "Wait and See" game...I'm sick of playing it...

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