Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hide And Seek...Except I'm Not Searching!...

     When I was much younger and far wiser than I am now (?), my neighbor friend and I used to roam the streets of our village (all two of them!) often accompanied by her little brother.  We hated taking little brother "Z" with us and would try to "ditch" him at every opportunity.  One of our favorite ways to do this was to outsmart the seven year old by convincing him we were going to play a game of Hide -n- Seek with him.

     The game usually began in one of two ways...we would either convince him to hide his eyes while we were "allegedly" seeking out great locations to disguise ourselves in, OR we would convince him we would hide OUR eyes and he needed to find the most secret place to wait for us to discover him.

     In either version of the game, once little "Z" had begun his count from 50 backwards or we began our count, my friend and I would take off running without his knowing our goal was to disappear off his radar and spend the rest of our day without him in our company!  It did work every time.  To this very day, I still wonder if little "Z" ever caught on to our trickery.

     I bring up this childhood memory as my current example of how I am treating my Multiple Sclerosis.  You see, for the past 7 - 10 days, I have actually been feeling pretty good...despite some odd numbness in the left side of my face, a tad bit of residual vertigo, and a bit more fatigue than usual.  I know THAT description might cause alarm to could I be feeling "good" with all of THAT going on?!?

     But, my previous 3 months of functioning were plagued with DAILY reminders, big and small, of my MS.  And each day I grew less and less hopeful I would EVER emerge on the other side of my current relapse.  I am giddy to report today, I believe I AM finally surfacing on the other side of this disease!!!

     The wonderful thing about feeling better is this:  I can leave my MS counting backwards from 50 and run off and enjoy my day.  It doesn't have to tag along with me.  It doesn't have to bother me right now.  It is is probably still "looking" for me even as I type, but I am not looking for it and MS is having a harder time FINDING me right now! 

     The only worry I have in my little game with my MS is, I just hope "it" doesn't run home and tell it's mother I'm not playing fair...LOL

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harkoo said...

By all means enjoy yourself with this newfound healthy status--this is good news today.   Entertain us with stories of your wild weekend!