Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just Shoot Me!...With A Tranquilizer Gun, That Is...

     It's 2:30AM Pacific Standard Time and I am working my way through yet another night/bout of insomnia.  What the hay is THIS about?!?

     I have been feeling quite well these past several days (knocking on wood and surrounding myself in a force field to repel any "computer virus" Miss Chris or MDMHVONPA might send my way!  Sorry you're both under the weather, guys).  I have little MS-wise to complain or moan about right now...just back to the "usual" (stiff calves, numb half of my face, occasional vertigo...the usual! LOL) and I will take the "usual" over any relapse ANY day!

     I have a history of chronic really should come as no surprise anymore when I enter into one of these sleepless phases...but it always IS...a surprise.  And not like a pleasant birthday surprise, but more like a "oops I may have wet myself sneezing" surprise.  LOL

     Fortunately, I have wonderful medical providers who seem comfortable with the turn 'em loose method of prescribing medications...I say fortunately because I always have "stock" meds on hand for just about any remedy, except erectile dysfunction or treating baldness!  I started pushing the benzos about an hour and a half ago...I'm STILL waiting the tranquilized elephant effect.

     I don't have any helpful statistics to spout about here, but it is quite common for MSer's to report periods of insomnia...I have no medical rationale why, I only read the literature and this is what it says!  Something just seems to misfire in the sleep portion of our brains now and then.  I imagine there may also be factors relating to the various medications we often take on a regular basis, too.

     I am not one who generally welcomes late night visitors or guests, even though I tend to work an evening schedule in my job.  My after work hours are my time to take care of a few things around the hut, then unwind and take refuge in my extremely comfortable and plush bed.  But just for tonight, I wouldn't mind if Mr. Sandman paid me a visit.  Heck...I'd welcome the old fart in for a cup of tea and a chat if he'd just ring my bell right now!

     Off to go check my doorstep to see if he might be sitting out there in the cold...

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mumma4evr said...

gee,,,if I had known, I would have popped in...I was up, 5:30am EST getting ready for my day!!!
I hate insomnia! I have no trouble falling asleep , it is just staying asleep.  I usually wake up an hour or two after falling asleep  and stay awake for hours and fall asleep just about 45 minutes before I need to be up
it sux, doesn't it?