Thursday, February 1, 2007

If I Only Had A Heart...

     I'm going in this morning for an echocardiogram...they're going to check to see if I have a HEART before deciding if I can take the Novantrone.  LOL  I'm ambivalent...if they DO find out I have a heart, then I'll probably be forced to care...and if they don't, well let's just say that's an entirely different matter!!!

     I HAVE consented to take the Novantrone.  My first dose of the "blue juice" is scheduled for next Friday, the 9th of February.  The echocardiogram is to make sure my heart is functioning correctly and to get baseline information about the performance of my left ventricle (See post a few days ago "What's It All About Alfy?" or do your own dayum research of the matter!)...I hope my left ventricle doesn't have a case of stage fright and perform poorly!

     The echocardiogram is a completely non-invasive test that I'm told will take about an hour and a half.  Having never HAD an ECG before, I'm only slightly nervous about what it entails, what if any contortions I will have to perform, etc.  I'm only somewhat nervous they may not FIND my heart, but I don't think working myself up into a fit of high blood pressure will make MY heart's performance or THEIR search any better or easier.  LOL

     And now I must go shower and "pretty" myself for yet another trip to Club Med (and believe me, that "pretty-ing" process could be an all day event and require several attempts!)...I'll let all y'all know how things turn out.  It WOULD be nice to know if I have a heart, however...considering Valentine's Day is only 13 days away...LOL...

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