Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I Forgive Them...

     Two medical appointments in two days...BOTH running an hour late.  Both practitioners are women...neither had a "medical emergency" or surgery to perform...there was no earthquake or natural disaster delaying their commute to work...I doubt there was a missed bus, train, or plane in their commutes to the offices...there did not appear to be any physical injuries on either one of their bodies to explain the timing...there were no screams heard in the lobbies or in exam rooms, causing one to think "someone" might be in crisis.  This, my friends, is just the standard these days in the medical world...a loose "I'll get there when I get there" schedule and...I forgive them!  LOL

     What I have come to know about BOTH of my practitioners, Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named and my wonderful A.R.N.P./Primary care person is, they will typically be late because they are actually HELPING people.  Neither presents in a "rush" when it is finally my time to be seen...both sit down and chat as if they have all the time in the world.  Both are attentive and listen to what I need during my 15-20 minutes of undivided attention.  It's easy to forgive them for their lack of sticking to the "clock", but it doesn't make it any less annoying when I feel MY schedule poking me in the shoulder and demanding I be somewhere at a certain time AFTER my appointments!

     I didn't plan well yesterday for my appointment with Dr. SWWNBN...I was already expected into my work "late" because of the timing of my appointment.  In my work world, being LATE is not an option...I do crisis work after all...people just don't seem capable of putting their "crisis" on hold until I get there!  LOL  So as time quickly ticked off the clock while I sat in the waiting room (funny now that the lobby is called that, isn't it?!?), I was making calls to my workplace to try to give a guesstimate what time I might arrive in...cases were waiting for me to complete.

     After a literal hour wait, Dr. SWWNBN flew into my room like a gnat in a wind tunnel, regrouped, and proceeded to discuss with me my neuro "plan" and examined me.  Sheadvised me I looked "neurologically good", whatever that means! LOL  We chatted, we bantered, and then I left hurriedly to get to MY work.

     Today, after a literal hour wait, PP, my A.R.N.P., came into my exam room looking a bit worn for wear and I could not resist asking, "Tough day at the office, dear?"  She fortunately laughed, sat down, and proceeded to spend a great deal of time with me getting "caught up" on my health status without once looking at a clock.  I left feeling good about my visit.  AND, I did not have to report anywhere today following this appointment so my stress level was a bit lower (as was my blood pressure...woohoo!).

     The one thing I can say that has been helpful for me with all of my frequent medical stops and appointments is this:  MS has taught me to be patient, but not to be A patient...there's a big difference!  And, I am learning the fine art of being able to finesse when being "on time" is really important and when "spending time" outweighs the clock...and my two, favorite practitioners are excellent teachers!...


mdmhvonpa said...

Schedules, schedules, schedules.  As a type-A kinda guy, I always DETEST not having the ball rolling when the schedule says so.  Appointments (health-care primarily) are the biggest perpetrator (traitor?) of messing up my schedule.  Urgh, I'll never get over that.  Cable, utility, and other services run a close second though.  I'll tell you one thing about me, my watch runs 10 minutes fast.  I'm never late, and when I am, I'm usually missing a limb.

crovira2 said...

I love it when I'm not given the bum's rush out of the doctor's office.

Treasure this moment.