Sunday, November 19, 2006

This Blows Update...

     Tired of saying how much MS sucks...decided to go with a "blow" theme instead.

     Just stopping in long enough to type and update (and probably make myself thoroughly dizzy)...I've been communicating with Dr. SWWNBN via email over the weekend...that is, until she mysteriously disappeared from email contact yesterday evening.  It happens sometimes...the medical center's email police/guard dogs occasionally bounce my emails back into the'd think by now the system would recognize my email for more than spam!

     Anyway, she gave me the option of gracing the doors of the local ER to start IV Solumedrol AGAIN this weekend or, if I could make it through the weekend, begin IV treatments AGAIN on Monday.  I opt to avoid ER's at all cost...they're handy I suppose if I'm in cardiac arrest, but otherwise, they are a bit of a nuisance to my psyche.  And, given I feel as if I could hurl at any moment, I don't think they'd really appreciate me all that much.

     So, symptom nutshell: 

1.  Bad vertigo again.  Of course, not nearly as bad as my relapse 2 years ago, but who's comparing?

2.  Highly annoying nausea from the vertigo.  Zofran is a wonder-drug for nausea, however...which Dr. SWWNBN stocked me up on at the pharmacy far no vomiting...thank you Jesus.

3.  Bad balance problems from the vertigo.  Walking "drunk" again.

4.  Left leg numbness/tightness/tremor-like sensation/weakness.  Seems like a lot to have all in one limb.  But if you have MS, you know what I'm talking about.

5.  Fatigue.  Need I say more?

     So, I'm off to find my elusive "position" where I can get my head placed just right and calm the spinning sensation inside it...does wonders for the nausea to remain still also.  I rather hate dozing, however.  I've been having that startled awakening sensation of feeling like I'm falling in my sleep...guess it just comes with the package.

     This really does blow...and suck.


crovira2 said...

Sorry you're having an exacerbation.

Stay cool, and immobile, it usually helps. Listen to some relaxing music.

My next show is about 'echoes' but maybe it will soothe and re-energize you. :-)

Get as well as you can.

pjorpeej said...

Hope this gets better for you fast.  You're right... relapses suck

harkoo said...

Hope you and your neurologist come up with a good solution to your problems when you speak today--alarming, annoying symptoms    Good you had a cane tucked away for emergencies like this.