Saturday, November 11, 2006

Other News From Around The Globe...

     I've been so wrapped up in my own little world lately, that I haven't had much time (or energy) to blog hop, write emails, make phone calls, or basically participate in ANY of the common means of communicating with my important "outer" world.  So today, I thought I'd just briefly write a synopsis of at least SOME of the events and people in my "big" world out there...those of you who mean more to me than you may know!  And I apologize in advance for "outing" you on Cheese, but most of you either have your own public blogs/journals or you are just unfortunate enough to be in contact with a BIG!

     First things first...HAPPY 50th B-Day to QuintaE, my mentor and advisor!  You've come a long way, baby (and you never once even smoked a Virginia Slim!).  I look forward to knowing you and sharing laughs and tears with you in the next "Fity".

     JOYCE...I remain humbly apologetic for not staying in better email "touch" with you and I DO hope lack of word from you means you are busily living your life on that opposite coast and just too damn happy and busy to correspond either!  LOL

     We've all been anxiously awaiting the SUZY report from CheeCaGo about Lil' Luv (her son) and sending up "big ass" positive thoughts/prayer/chants/energy/love.  The puppies are already two weeks old and the pictures on her blog of the little "mutts" are just adorable!  As for Da Bears and Superbowl hopes...only time will tell, but I'll definitely be watching that progress (or lack of) closely.  LOL

     MDMHVONPA appears to have a death wish, posting recipes for SPAM on his first I thought he was talking about "spam" as computer geek language since he IS one...but no, he's beer-battering the canned type!  Next thing we know, he'll be leaving the confines of the MANOR and traveling to Minnesota to carve busts out of butter blocks...a Minn. art form.

     I grow concerned when MICHELLE (Object of My Injection Michelle) doesn't make a witty post on her blog for what seems like days on end.  Come on, girl!  Humor us gimps...unless of course you're connected to a respirator and paralyzed and even then, you could blow in a straw to type a message...I DO hope you're OK.

     GDNPLNY1 you ROCK for offering up your shower during my time of hygiene and plumbing stress!  I'm beginning to think you're just a computer generated voice at KCCS however, as I haven't seen you in such a long, long up a flare out there so I know you're alive and kicking...

     My bestest buddy, ROJOO, is off this weekend to do a reading of his prize-winning poetry...good luck with that (not that you'll need it...luck, that is) my friend, and I wish work did not interfere so much with my LIFE as you know I'd be there in the audience if I could be!

     Welcome, WENDY, to the "fold" ( ) sorry you're now a card-carrying MS member, but it does have its perks I handicapped parking?  OK, I'm stretching on this one!

     JAIME, hope you made it back home across them there mountains without much difficulty yesterday!  And I'm also hoping your Novantrone treatments have you on the mend...we'll all await your neuro's report, but I'm pouring the bubbly in advance to toast your progress!

     You just make me laugh so, "T-Dawg", and for that, I am forever in debt!  I'm glad the "momma" had a good visit, although I STILL think she would have enjoyed "Bodies" even if she believes it would have totally grossed her out!!!  Remember to yell, "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots" if things get too stressful...

     So, when do "we" get the results of hubby's MRI, MISS CHRISI know I, for one, don't necessarily believe OLD AGE would be causing his symptoms, even though I'm kinda hoping for that...just seems too suspicious.  And could you post some more about Tai Chi?  I can't get my exercise unless I live vicariously through your blog!  LOL

     You've got one full week (or almost) under your belt of NanoBlogOwhatEver, ZEEAnd I am pleased to be known as one of your loyal 3 readers!  The "bufont" doggie hair photo was to die for...I envy Rennie...she's got more hair than I do!

     CHARLES...dude!  I'm working on that MSBPodcast thingy!  But I'm basically mentally challenged, typing from dial up, and I don't even OWN an IPod!  I do check out the website though, and at least READ what's there even if I can't for the life of me figure out how to HEAR the music..."tarded", just plain tarded I am.

     Tysabri is rockin' LAUREN'S world, from what I can tell on her blog...the self-inflicted toilet transfer WITHOUT assistance (although not necessarily a "wise" move on your own, but who among us really is WISE??) seems just what you've needed to get a jump start back on the road to recovery (and "jump start" as a pun was intended)!

     I haven't heard from some of you lately (CROMAGMOM, SBBRIDGES, BILLIBOTTON, etc), but I will assume you are all alive, kicking, and raising it should be!  Wishing any and all readers of Cheese health and happiness...

     I'm STILL trying to convince PEEJ to get off her literary duff and start a blog herself!  She's funny, she's gifted, she's talented, and probably just needs some electric shock to get 'er going.  LOL  Did I mention she's also SMART when it comes to MS?  But seriously, if you need to continue to deprive the rest of the world of your talents, so be it...(I KNOW there will be a comment now!)...fanning the spark here...

     And you thought I had forgotten you, didn't you EB????  Just saving the best for last...although I will miss you during your train travels of the holidays, I will continue to carry on the "spirit" of dissent in the "mine".  LOL  And when are you going to display some of your photography again?  You're holding out on us, too, talented one!  Have fun eating elk, snake, pheasant, and what other "game" the family finds for T-Day!!!

     And to all of my BUDS at ATM (if any of you even READ this besides PEEJ!), "I love you, man"...OK, attempt at borrowing cheesy beer commercial did not go over well, did it?!?

     Did I miss anyone???  I'm sure I did, but it wasn't intentional believe me!  There are a few of you who have sent me personal emails, which I fully enjoy reading, but I know so little about you it would only be name-dropping here (start leaving comments on Cheese and your life can become an open book, too!)  And if I HAVE missed you, leave me a comment or drop an email voicing your complaints regarding my memory...I'll forget what you write or say in five minutes anyway! LOL


pjorpeej said...

LOL!  You just never quit, do you....  

Linda, I can manage email and a chat room... period!  I don't know how to work all those geeky initials like HTML and, from what I've read, that's what you need in order to create a blog.  If so, it isn't going to happen in your lifetime.  :)

Glad you didn't drown last night.  You had me wondering....

Oh!  And you can answer your phone now.  Our psychotic late night caller and his lovely wife are gone for the next month.  They left today :)

hagartyjj said...

This was a great post!  Thanks for helping to keep us all caught up with everyone else.  :)  Fortunately I made it home, the Novantrone seems to be agreeing with me....the traveling all over the state and into Oregon due to the weather, well that does not agree with me!  I am praying for better weather over on your side of the mountains.  My goodness....I was tired of it after a few hours, surely you all are ready for a break.  Take care of yourself this weekend and please don't drown.  

baitulos said...

    Not til the day I DIE, PEEJ!!!!  That's when I'll quit...LOL!  And you're a damn fibber about your computer skills as I KNOW you helped design the ATM webpage!!!!!!  (You may soon wish I had drown last night)...


baitulos said...

    Unfortunately, there's no "break" in sight from this rain...I swear to God we're being punished over here from all those years of LYING about how much rain we really's a well-known fact Seattlites tell tourists it rains all the time just so they'll go home! LOL


rogersamm said...

Hey, LD, thanks for the shout out. It is great to follow your daily musings, even when it sends us down into the pipes. I'll think of you at the reading this afternoon because if I do, I'll realize that it just ain't that serious, and actually very comical, if you think about it. Still haven't done the perfect piece about work, would have to include some of the frustrating characters we encounter, and I don't mean the patients. Appreciate being let into your life. RM

pjorpeej said...

Yuppers, I helped design it in that I physically found all the stuff to put on the site. Ron then put it together (did the techie part) with the stuff I found --- I'm unstoppable with a search engine but that's where the "skills" end.  

Ask her how many times I'd tried (and failed) to get the stuff I'd found *to* her if you want to laugh till the tears roll down your face.  She calls me the "queen of the empty email".  lol!

Sorry to disappoint you, Hon but I'm truly a technodud.  ;)

pjorpeej said...

Ok pesky one.... I found a place where you don't need any special skills to blog.  You simply have to be 50 or older and think you have something worth saying...  I'm covered on both counts. Happy now?  :)

Check out "my little corner of insanity" at

mdmhvonpa said...

Mmm..... Butter Busts .... ahem ... Um, I mean, yeah.  Anyways ... There is more than just heart-attack food in Minnesota.   We have Ice Fishing too! :)

crovira2 said...


You don't need an iPod. :-)

You don't even need iTunes. Its just that's its very convenient if you use it. (You can set it to download the shows before you hit the sack and listen to anything new when you start a new day. :-)

You can even just click on the little [pod] symbol at the top on the casts at and listen to 'em through your browser. (But since you're using dial-up I honestly don't recommend it.)


sonyasuzanne said...

You crack me up....oh, and I'm officially born in 1908 for your friends blog sign up.  I did type sing up, but then realized by chance I mis-spelled before I hit enter.

Speaking of singing, I'm missing some of your cranial music know..the songs you post that make my brain swell cuz I can't get them off my mind?

I know...your up to your ears in tysabri crapola...i wish it were better for I'll hold off on waiting for the song.  Still, I AM up to my ears in crapola too, so I share your pain somewhat.  Ughh.

on that note, Peace out, sistah....  (lol)

Suzy, and YES our Bears WILL be super bowl bound, dayum!   =)  (I've got the coffee to prove it!!)