Wednesday, November 8, 2006

It Ain't Over 'Til The Fat Lady Sings...And I'm NOT Singing!

     I am dreaming about plumbers...filthy, nasty, sewage-drenched plumbers...plumber's butt...plumber's tools...this is ALL I see or can think about!

     As you might have already guessed (and decided to RUN while you still can from this blog), my plumbing saga continues.  It's been yet another day of "spit" bathes, phone calls, and decisions about which kidney I should consider selling at this point to pay for my repairs.  I understand fully now why patients were snarly at the idea of a bed bath (this was back in the Stone Age when I did my nurse's training)...if I HAD anyone here besides myself to yell at during my bucket bathing routine, I'm sure I would!

     Right now, the plan is to have "Ray The Drain Guy" come out and give his best shot at clearing whatever monster is lurking about 80 feet out in my sewer pipe.  The city has already been out and said essentially it is NOT their problem...I think they were smirking and laughing as they drove away...damn government employees!  Oh wait, I AM one of those creatures, too.

     Ray The Drain Guy will be out tomorrow afternoon and literally "give it a whirl" in the sewer system...if Ray The Drain Guy can open things up, I swear I will never mock another plumber for as long as I live.  If he can't, well then they're just fair game again for cheap shots.

     If Ray The Drain Guy fails to win my undying love, then I'm back to square one...kidney for sale.  I doubt the surgery to remove my kidney will hurt as much as bending over and "taking it" from the Five Grand estimate team who will then come out and fasten themselves to my hillside with ropes and pulleys and DIG my side sewer up by HAND!

     On a good note (if you can call a Federally Declared Disaster "good") the rivers here in Western Washington have crested and the massive flood waters are beginning to recede.  Washingtonians may soon be able to DRIVE to their homes (at least what is left of them) versus taking a BOAT.  And, although more rain is still in the forecast, it's not expected to fall so quickly and cause more flooding.  This is "good", right?!?

     So, as a hopeful distraction, I'm going to head over to my favorite MS blogger's sites and immerse myself in someone else's problems or sick sense of humor.  I doubt even this action will cause me to "sing", but at least it might slow the nervous plumbing willies circling the drain in my stomach!...  


rogersamm said...

LD, I've been following your house's plumbing problems with horror/fascination. Has D's unit escaped the congestion? Remember that kid in high school who may not have had very good grades but could dismantle a bike in seconds? He's now making twice as much as we are by unclogging our pipes. What's that phrase? Differently gifted?

It's blessedly quiet around here right now. Nothing on top of that legal-sized sheet, if you know what I mean.

I'm getting ready for the reading on Sunday, trying out different combos to see what might play. Loud and slow, that's my motto.

Thanks for remembering my birthday. None of my four brothers did, a sign that my mom really is gone, as she would remind people.

Your blog is still my favorite on the net, with Baghdad Burning a close second, although I do wish she would post more often. Being in the middle of a war must be such a distraction to using the computer.

I think it's good that the Dems have Congress. Our government works on checks and balances and with a conservative supreme court now, there wasn't anything to stop Cheney from doing what he wanted. "Throw the bastards out" is our national way of trying to make things change. I hope they do.

May all your clogs be soluble.

mdmhvonpa said...

What the heck did you flush down there!  Jehova's Witnesses or Scientologists?

baitulos said...

ROGERSAMM/ROJOO:  I'm still carrying your birthday card WITH me since I didn't go in to work on Friday to place it in your box!  I do hope it was a "happy" one...whatever that means! LOL
I really wish I could make it to your reading Sunday, but duty calls (or doodoo) and I will be at the lovely orafice.  
Since I claim no real political affiliation, I feel I can say this:  Should we also not be now worried that the "majority rule" also has NO PLAN for fixing the mess most of them voted on in the beginning as well?  I am deeply concerned we may now only be seeing "lemmings in sheep's clothing" versus "wolves in sheep's clothing"...I do hope my paranoia is a deeply-rooted personality problem instead of something outside myself. LOLOL


baitulos said...

DAMMIT!  You've caught me!  The cat has been missing for days...