Monday, November 20, 2006

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

     "IV's and blood tests and Mmmm R I's,

     Lesions and symptoms and a few sleepless nights,

     Living my life with MS really stings,

     These are a few of my favorite things."

     Everyone sing along now...

     OK, I know I'm pushing the envelope here a bit...but doncha WISH MS had more of a sing-songy rhythm to it?  Some catchy, little tune to raise our spirits and offer a tiny place of solace? 

     I'm scheduled for IV Solumedrol AGAIN at 2:00PM today...then, it's another MRI at 7:30AM tomorrow to add to my growing collection of beautiful brain pictures.  My current symptoms have NOT worsened, which I am quite thankful for, but I think I need a "song" folks, to get me through this one...any ideas?

     Oh, yeah...and please suggest one that won't offend non-MSer's if I were to begin belting it out in public places...or in MRI tubes...

1 comment:

pjorpeej said...

Sorry Hon but I just can't think of anything to sing about... putting MS in a song would be like putting a zit on the tip of your nose... it doesn't belong.  ;)

Hope the IV's help.  Knowing you're feeling so lousy is the pitts.   And it really messes up our chat time.  ;)