Saturday, November 4, 2006

Rainy Days And Mondays Always Get Me Down...And Saturdays And Sundays And...

     And to think this bothers me, considering I live in SEATTLE!  What's wrong with THIS picture???

     Actually, it's somewhat of a myth that is told to potential tourists...the Seattle Rain Factor.  It IS does rain here more than say Phoenix, AZ, or even Portland, OR.  But rain here in this part of the Pacific Northwest is usually something no more than drizzle for days on end...not like what is already predicted for this weekend.

     I was watching the late night news yesterday and I was informed by my favorite meteorologist that not one, not two, but THREE different storm systems are scheduled to "hit" the region in the next 72 hours!  The storms are bringing winds, heavy rain, probably flooding, and a "damper" to my mood.

     I'm not considerably worried about the high winds, although there is a big evergreen tree in my yard that I often wonder about...will it be strong enough to keep it's roots in the ground and not come crashing down on my roof?  I have candles, flashlights, and canned food should the wind knock out power lines...I can always find a good book on my shelf to read by candlelight.

     The heavy rains and probable flooding are annoying, but not a nuisance to me.  After all, I live many feet above the nearest street on a hill!  The entire city would need to go under a 100 feet of water before MY place can flood.  The streets are a different matter, but if I don't have to go anywhere, I won't...problem solved.

     My "mood" is a much bigger problem to I'm pretty certain the Seattle Power and Lighting Company really can't fix.  It's true I already feel "under the weather" with a cold/flu-like situation brewing in my head and chest...that certainly does not help my mood.  I have only stayed off work one day and already I have that Jack Nicholson "Redrum" feeling (from the movie, "The Shining", if you're in need of translation)!  I NEED to get out of the cabin...I can only entertain myself for so long with the Internet or the TV (andyou slacker bloggers out there aren't even going to post anything on the weekend, are you?!?).

    I've got that sad Karen Carpenter song rolling through the crevices of my grey know the's the title of this blog.  And I can't seem to distract myself from the antsy-depression settling in my bones. 

     You'd think I'd be "happy" to have this down time...I don't really have to be anywhere this weekend, no one is demanding I speak to them (except the cat), and I have the days to myself.  Yet STILL, rainy days and Saturdays always get me down...


crovira2 said...

What what you say about Portland OR.

What I remember from my many months there is that it was like living in a wet diaper. Eeeeugh!

<i><b>What do you get after two days of rain? Monday...</b></i>

pjorpeej said...

>andyou slacker bloggers out there aren't even going to post >anything on the weekend, are you?!?

Oh ye of little faith!  Would we abandon you just because it's a weekend?  Well.... ok, maybe.  But not THIS weekend!  :)

Hope your tree stands thru another storm, your cat doesn't chuck a furball in your favorite shoes and that your dinner out went well (as I was eating hotdogs...)

zeegirl601 said...

OMG, we're getting hit with nasty, heavy rain down here in PDX too. ARGH... I always know to expect this in November and yet it depresses me every year... If heat didn't cause me so much trouble I'd head south to Puerto Vallarta!!

I'm praying for a bit of Indian Summer. ;-)

P.S. I've got to blog every day for NaBloPoMo, so definitely check every morning! And if you need more random reading material, click here:  Lots of people are blogging daily. Let me know if you find anything good.

I'm off to take my Avonex now but I'll be posting a bit later. Yahoo! Injections and Headaches and Chills, OH MY! ;-)

baitulos said...

Having never really spent that much time in Portland, OR, I can only repeat what I've been TOLD!  LOL  And, of course, Seattlites want to believe we have the heaviest rainfall in the world!  Good lord, we even have a late summer festival called "Bumbershoot", which is another name for umbrella...I don't think Portland is as proud of their inclement weather. LOL


baitulos said...


Have I mentioned I suffer from a lack of faith?!?  AND I have abandonment issues???

BTW, as always it's good to talk with you and yes, dinner went rather tired, but not of the company...just this darned cold/flu.  I may have just started an epidemic by going out in public...I'd like to be known for "something"...Typhoid Linda???  Not a bad ring to it...


baitulos said...

LMAO!  Well I guess there's CROVIRA2's explanation!  It really DOES rain as much in Portland...

Thanks for the blog site hints and by the way, I've really enjoyed reading yours.  Good luck with that Avonex shot...and keep up the Wizard of Oz spirit about it...that might make it a bit less offensive! LOL


sonyasuzanne said...

That song thing?  I think it's called Musical Cranial Impaction...not that I would know about IMPACTION or anything...just thought I'd share!  =)

Suzy, Chicago Loser Bear Land