Monday, November 6, 2006

Dammit Jim, I'm A Doctor...Not A Plumber!

    As "they" say, when it rains, it pours...and it's coming down in inches by the hours here in good old Seattle.  Streets are flooding, rivers are cresting, and patience is thinning.  It's only right I should develop friggin' plumbing problems on the RAINIEST day of the year!

     My day started as usual this morning with the mandatory hygiene and bathing routine.  I was standing in my shower minding my own business, when I started to hear a strange gurgling sound coming from my toilet...this was VERY odd.  I checked it from the shower and it looked as though air bubbles were coming up through the trap...I got a bit concerned.

     Then, suddenly and without warning dirty water started rising in my tub where my almost clean feet were standing!  I nearly broke a leg jumping out of the cesspool of water.

     I immediately called dear old Roto-Rooter to get someone out as quickly as possible to determine what on earth (and WHAT earth) was happening in my pipes.  They promised a 4 hour window to show up, which turned into a 5 hour arrival...I was told, because of the flooding rains, they were inundated with calls...I told them I didn't care...I'm an anxious homeowner with an over-active bowel and I NEED my toilet to work!  Screw bathing...

     Vladamir, AKA "Tom" (that's what it said on his shirt, but believe me, English was DEFINITELY a very recent second language) arrived around 5:00PM and mumbled something to me in heavy accented would cost me $160.00 an hour..."maybe take one or two hour at top"...I signed the paper consent form and bent over for the probable "plumber's screw".  I've learned from experience, nothing EVER costs what they say it will or be as easy to repair as they predict.

     An hour and a half later, "Tom" dripping in sweat, sewage remnants covering my bathroom floor, my cabinet and walls marred from equipment, he announces to me he can't fix the problem...he still charges me $260.00 for his time and tells me"they bring scope out tomorrow...probably broken line".

     I have the audacity to ask "Tom" how much this SCOPE will cost and he quotes another $300.00 (you can see where this is going, can't you?).  In the meantime, I am not to run any water in my pipes, which includes flushing a toilet!  There will be no bathing and no doing dishes (not that I'd be rushing to do dishes anyway, but I like having the OPTION of cleanliness!).  RR can't even give me an estimate on WHEN they might show up tomorrow...they've been inundated with calls, after all.  And once the scoping procedure is done, I have no idea how long it might take (or at what cost) to get the repair work is literally a "crap shoot"...full pun intended.

     So, I'm sitting here tonight after a very stressful day, paranoid I am beginning to have some "stank" on me, trying to figure out which friends I might be able to BRIBE a shower from locally (thanks, Suzy...I'm sure you'd offer, but the plane fare just wouldn't be cost effective), and hoping I will not have to donate a kidney to pay for the repairs.  Have I mentioned I HATE plumbing problems?...


hagartyjj said...

I am SO sorry to hear of your recent misfortunes.....and all the rain, well I am really sorry to hear about that (I have an appointment with my neuro on Friday which means I have to go over the pass, I have been keeping my fingers crossed for good weather).  It amazes me how much these things cost.  It is horrible when you really need the work done and so you pay, but I do think sometimes they see us women and think....instand access to rip you off.  How could it possibly cost so much when the problem is not fixed, they should be paying you to put up with the problem for another day!  That is just my opinion, unfortunately I don't think they will listen to my suggestions.  

I hope they show up at a decent time and get it fixed.  And, if things get too out of hand....I am a lot closer than Chicago!  :)

harkoo said...

Yep, the front page of the largest  newspaper in Maine today discusses the record-breaking rains falling in Seattle--but the article just tells us that the hunters are being driven from the woods, unable to grab or bag or cull their annual kill (is that the appropriate lingo the hunters use?)   It doens't tell us that the sewer lines are flooding, toilets and bathtubs are overflowing and that the citizens are trapped in their homes waiting for plumbers to arrive. geez- There goes the Christmas fund.  The only other most helpless feeling on earth is when your furnace isn't working in January in New England  in the middle of the night and you have to summons the emergency repairmen--you are at their mercy as they empty your bank account!    Can see it is going to be real hard for the people in Seattle to get to the polls today also.   So sorry for your misfortunes this week.  

sonyasuzanne said...

Oh girl, you KNOW I would offer, and at the rate you are going, are you should it wouldn't be cost effective?  =)

I hate plumbing problems, too, and as you know from previous discussion regarding bowel habits in this ol house of mine, we have 'issues' constantly.

I watched the news tonight, after loving hubby pointed out to me what was happening in your neck of the woods.  He said 'I can only imagine that Linda would like to REALLY come for a visit now, eh?'  LOL  (I told him the adoption story...and of course too, Memaw and the Spiritual thingie...MS moment here, sorry)  

Whats that say, that my family, all whom along with me, haven't met you, yet all know your name and where you live?  

Wishing you well in rainy Seattle....from Dry as Bear Bones, here in Chicago!

gdnplny1 said...

You're more than welcome in my neck of the woods.  Probably a little further north then you care to travel....but me casa es su casa!!!!!!

baitulos said...


GDNPLNY1/T to the SA:  
Thanks Sista!  Just knowing there IS a shower running out there is quite the comfort...ths sure sucks big time!

I already feel like an honorary member of the Suzy D. Angelo family (code for your real name!)  And tell Luving Hubby my offer still stands!  Besides, with all your family's bowel problems, I'd fit right in...

And it was "Spiritual Evacuation" for Memaw...

Yes, the flooding has been disasterous here...streets flooding in the city, rivers yet to crest with flood waters well above destroyed, etc.  Guess I should just be thankful all I have is a plumbing issue!  Thanks for the well wishes and kind thoughts...

The bear went over the mountain, so surely you can, too!  LOL  I hope your travels to Seattle are painless and with great ease...maybe even lack of icy roads would be an appropriate wish as well!  LOL

Good luck with your neuro appointment and keep us all informed!  And thanks for the invite to cut my shower travel in half and head to your house (actually MORE than half, considering the distance to Chicago!)